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Terra Firma Studios

Terra Firma Studios is having a sale on their flexible roads terrain pieces over on their website.

From the sale:

Terra Firma Studios have decided to hold a one week sale on their popular flexible roads. Both the dirt roads and metalled roads are included in the offer which will not be repeated.

Terra Firma Studios has revamped and is now rereleasing their hedgerow terrain pieces.

From them to you:

An much improved and expanded range of hand made hedging, Using 2mm MDF base boards and clump foilage the new range has the benefit of being able to incorporate trees within the hedge line as well as some longer sections. The prices have also been set at an attractive level across this range.

Terra Firma Studios is back up and running. Need some terrain? Check them out.

From the re-opening:

Terra firma studios have reopened for business after the problems encountered migrating website to a new host.
The new website still has some images to be uploaded but is an improvement on the old site, and has benefitted from a total revamp.