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Terminator Genisys

Fall of Skynet, the new expansion for Terminator: Genisys: Rise of the Resistance is now available. Will humanity win back against the machines? Will the machines wipe out humanity's last chance for s
Most of the Warlord Games crew is out of the office. But the ones left over have gone a bit CRAZY!! They've slashed prices on a bunch of products and now's your chance to get games and minis at a spec
The machines will stop at nothing to destroy all of humanity. Skynet has made that its prime goal. Then, afterward, it will... uh... Well, it's gotta finish step 1 before it can move on to step 2, rig
Saturday! Glorious Saturday!As you read this, I'm at a library that a friend works at. They're having their first Board Game Day and so I'm playing some board games. Actually, there's a very high like
By now you've no doubt seen me previously posting about how I love when companies post the rules for their games online so people can check them out. With so many game systems out there these days, it
Come with me if you want to get some new miniatures for your Terminator: Genisys armies. And really, you don't even have to come with me. You can sit right there. You just have to read on. It's actual
Warlord Games is gearing up for the DVD and Blu-Ray release of Terminator Genisys by getting some new character packs for the miniatures game. River Horse has made them all up and now Warlord is selli
The machines have been getting a lot of the attention in recent releases for Terminator Genisys. Well, if humanity is going to have any chance to not go the way of the dinosaurs (... though now the id
Call to John... and all of your other friends to let them know that Warlord Games has their new T-1000 Infiltrator available for Terminator Genisys. Though if this one really wants to do any real infi
I mentioned earlier that Warlord's been rather busy lately. One of their big, new properties is Terminator: Genisys. The box game comes with some standard endoskeletons as well as a fold-out paper pla
Skynet may be a machine, but it's a thinking machine, able to plan. It knows that one tool isn't going to solve all problems. It takes a whole toolbox in order to get a complex job done. Well, "killin
Terminator Genisys opened up in theaters over the weekend. I was busy cooking and didn't head out to see it. Did anybody here? If so, what did you think? For those that have also played the game, desi
Two non-Napoleonic stories from Warlord? Who knew it could be so!Well, they'll be back with one tomorrow. So don't worry too much.This time they're adding reinforcements to your Terminator Genisys col
No fate...Unless you roll it, anyway. Hey everyone. Here at the TGN office, we got ourselves a copy of the new Terminator: Genisys game created by River Horse and distributed by Warlord Games. We put
Warlord Games will be shipping the Terminator Genisys: The War Against The Machines starter sets soon. However, as we all know, starter sets are great for starting, but they're not so great when you r
Come with me if you want to live... Or really, if you just want to see the 3D render of the T-1000 for the upcoming Terminator Genisys miniatures game. Yeah, sure, you can see part of the mini up ther
Warlord Games has started taking pre-orders for starter sets for the upcoming Terminator Genisys miniatures skirmish game. The game pits the stalwart defenders of the last of humanity against the ince
Warlord Games had some preview material for Terminator Genisys on display recently, including a look at the box contents, the rulebook covers, and some of the sprues. There's also a (slightly grainy)
Warlord Games gives us some more hints about what they've got coming for Terminator Genisys. They've announced that there will be two versions of the game. They're going to have Terminator Genisys: Th
Warlord Games has announced that they will be the exclusive distributor of the upcoming Terminator Genisys miniatures game. Genisys will still be a River Horse property, but the game will be only avai
River Horse, Alessio Cavatore's game company, has posted up a teaser photo about a new miniature game they're apparently working on. A tie-in with the upcoming Terminator movie, the new game hasn't ha