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Tercio Creativo

It's been a little bit since we've heard from Tercio Creativo, but that doesn't mean that they haven't been busy, little bees. They've got a pair of new releases available over on their website. Also,
We're less than a week into July, but Tercio Creativo certainly isn't taking a summer vacation. They've got a new batch of releases available that were initially funded by their previous crowdfunding
Tercio Creativo, arguably, has some of the best-looking models out there. They're certainly near the top, at least, and they're giving us a look at some greens of figures they're working on. This incl
The folks over at Tercio Creativo have some new releases they're showing off. They're the New Order, but they're not so new that you can't mix them with the Old Purples, if you so choose.AbsortoB_1M15
Tercio Creativo is once more holding one of their story-writing competitions. This is the 3rd of its kind. Now, I'm all about the non-fiction writing, myself. But if you're good at character developme
The folks over at Tercio Creativo have a new batch of miniatures they're showing off as their May releases for Dies Irae. It includes a little pig with what appears to be a little shrine on its back.
The week marches on. We're through the first half and headed towards the finish. Just gotta make it 2.5 more days and it'll be the weekend once more. The first couple days have been sort of a mixed ba
The final week of 2016 continues on. I know a lot of people are enjoying a bit of a break here at the end of the year. Many game companies are taking a little bit of time off. But that's not to say we
The week rolls along. Hopefully it's going well for you. Mine's been very busy. But that's meant things are going by quickly. Quickly is good and bad in some cases, as there's a lot to still get done
Just about every company out there is having some sort of Black Friday sale (many of them already started). Well, I figured I'd help out by collecting a bunch of their announcements into one spot for
We're reaching the peak. After this, it's a slide back down to the weekend. I'm hoping to have some friends over for gaming and cooking, as well as basically a "mini-Halloween" party (my apartment's n
Well, it's been a bit of a short week here in the office, having only come in Wed-Fri. Though, with having just a little time off from Gen Con, it felt much longer. I'm looking forward to a weekend of
We've made it to another Wednesday. And at the time of this posting, it's halfway through the workday. It's like the Wednesday of hours on the Wednesday of days. If only it were the 15th of the month,
Tercio Creativo always stuns us with the painted-up version of their minis and these latest two don't fail to continue the trend.Fredrick Willem_1R06Laut Frau_1R06-2 SourceFrom the post:Here you are F
Tercio Creativo is looking at adding a 6th faction to Dies Irae and has some preview art shown.SourceFrom the post:We have done 5 Iberian Myths bands for Dies Irae rulebook: Holy Company (Spectres), S
Tercio Creativo is showing off another mini from their successful Indiegogo campaign with a look at the painted-up Plaque.SourceFrom them to you:Here you are Gaul Vanguard's Plaqué ( heavy infantry wi
Tercio Creativo has a photo set up of the Fredrick Willem model they're working on right now.SourceFrom the preview:Here you are Fredrick Willem, one of the Mercenary Personalities created during our
Tercio Creativo has been busy working on Dies Irae, but they've got a new painted mini they're showing off with Brother Bernardo.SourceFrom them to you:Brother Bernardo, of the Domini Canis, painted b
Tercio Creativo has announced some new stretch goals for their Dies Irae expansion to 1650. They've got less than 2 days left, so if you want to get in on the action, now's the time.SourceFrom the upd
Tercio Creativo gives us a look at another green for Dies Irae with a preview of the Toro Desbocado.SourceFrom the preview:Toro Desbocado ("Rampant Bull"). This Antagonist will be an extra GIFT for al
Tercio Creativo gives us a look at the painted-up Padre Norberto for Dies Irae, another fantastic miniature that you can get as part of their Indiegogo campaign.SourceFrom the preview:Padre Norberto,
Tercio Creativo has the painted versions of their Hideputa and Confidente up on their website. Go check them out.SourceFrom them to you:Here you are Confidente ("Informer") and Hideputa ("Sonofabitch"
Tercio Creativo gives you some more options with their Dies Irae Indiegogo campaign with some new add-ons available.SourceFrom the update:Added new Add-ons. These exclusive pawns come from our last cr
Tercio Creativo added a new perk level to their Dies Irae Indiegogo campaign that's got some pretty neat rewards as part of it.From the announcement:New perk added to our Dies Irae crowdfunding. It's
Tercio Creativo made it up and over their €6k goal for Dies Irae, the first expansion to 1650, over on Indiegogo.From the update:Thanks to you, first Dies Irae's goal has been ACHIEVED. Now let's see