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Tengu Models

Tengu Models has some new 15mm Dungeon scenery pieces available now over in their webshop.


From the release:

I've recently added a pack of 15mm scaled dungeon scenery to the shop over at Tengu Models. If you're into dungeon crawling in 15mm then this may be a pack for you!

The pack contains a selection of dungeon bits including doors, trapdoors and beds. All cast in finest quality resin.

Available now! Thanks for Looking

Tengu Models is showing off some of their latest models. They've got aliens, zombies and more.

From the update:

Over at Tengu Models we have a batch of new releases to go along with our new look website.

The new releases are mostly zombie types with some standard shambler zombies, some mutant types and three zombie dogs!

Also new to the ranges are some Grey Alien Zombies and some Japanese fantasy kappa.
Why not take a look!

Tengu Models thought... you... was... a... toad! So they made a new Giant Toad model.

From the update:

We recently added our first fantasy model to the online shop in the form of a Giant Toad. The model is a single piece grey resin casting. Size is approx 36mm long and would fit onto a 40mm square monster base.

In the shop now for 2.50 GBP

Thanks for looking!

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Tengu Models is having a December sale:

From their announcement:

Most of our figures at a discounted price. Some packs and figures up to 50% off. So if you'd like a few more zombies for your horde, some Lovecraftian horror or maybe a few Grey Aliens take a look at their website over at

Tengu Models have announced a price increase for May 2011. From their announcement:
Due to a number of factors we've had to take the decision to increase the prices on some of our packs of figures and resin kits. The price rises will come into affect early next month and will be preceded by the website being off-line for a few days whilst we make some changes to the site. We plan to close the site on the 9th of May, with the price rises coming into effect when the site re-opens. There will be no change to our flat-rate postage charges. All figures and resin kits currently available from Tengu Models will remain at their current pricing for the remainder of this month and the first week into May. cheers Iain