Temple of Elemental Evil

TGN Review: Dungeons & Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil Board Game

Gathering some friends together for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) can be fun, but if your group is anything like mine, the position of Dungeon Master is not sought after. Everyone usually wants to play a carefully crafted character, which is understandable considering how much time can go into developing one. Sure, the DM controls a bunch of characters and story, but more often than not, the NPCs will be murdered (usually by friends' characters) and the story will be derailed (by those same friends). Plus, D&D can eat up a lot of time. It’s for those reasons I was interested in the new Dungeon & Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil board game from Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and WizKids.
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WizKids releases Temple of Elemental Evil board game

WizKids lets you experience one of the classic modules for Dungeons & Dragons in a whole new way. They've released their Temple of Elemental Evil board game. This new cooperative board game pits 1-5 adventurers against the horrors of the Temple of Elemental Evil. Brave traps and monsters in order to grab some of the most powerful relics and valuable loot that can be had. There are both stand-alone scenarios, or you can play the 13-scenario campaign. The game is also compatible with other D&D Adventure System Cooperative Play board games.

From the announcement:
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