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Tectonic Craft Studios

When hanging out at the LGS, whether it’s during a tourney or just going between games, we all have various ways of transporting our armies from one spot to another. Some people put their figs back into the foam trays or tackle box they came out of. Though that can be really time-consuming. Others will just toss their figures on the back of a rulebook. But your figures can slide and fall off. Some just grab them and move them over to the next table a handful at a time. But your models can bend or break and your paint can chip. Others get custom trays for moving around minis. It’s one of those that I’m looking at today.


Arkee Dan gave me one of these trays at Adepticon to try out and let you know my thoughts on.

So buckle yourselves in, it’s time for another TGN Review. This time it’s The Guildmate Tray from Tectonic Craft Studios.
Well, while it seems like we dodged one bullet here in Georgia the other day, only getting some rain. It's looking tonight like we might get a bit of accumulated precipitation. Though considering tomorrow it's supposed to get to 38 and the day after it's supposed to be sunny and 51, I'm not really worried about it.
I can't really say the same for the rest of GA. They seem like they're going freaking nuts. But waddyagonnado?
I'm just looking forward to tomorrow when I'm getting my next tattoo. *squee with excitement!*

Before then, though, we need to get you some bite-sized stories. So let's go ahead and do that.

Today we have: ArmiesArmy 15mm Cold war Kickstarter Breaking Through Stretch Goals, Khurasan releases 15mm PMCs (or special ops), Gob'z'heroes Breaking Through Stretch Goals On Kickstarter, New Iron Reich Goblin Squad Available From Kromlech, FatMan Productions introduces Awakening: Recon, Prang Raider packs and platoon now released From the Ion Age, The Guildmate Half Rack Tray Available From Tectonic Craft Studios, New alternative driver for Titan-Forge zeppelins, Khurasan releases 15mm Middle Eastern Heavy Weapons set, Alternative Armies: 28mm Undead and Monsters range released with freebies, and New Lava Bike/Cavalry bases Available From Dark Art Miniatures.

It seems that for most, this long weekend has been a rather rainy one (I know I've had plenty of plans altered by the skies opening up and dumping down rain everywhere). I hope you're keeping dry and safe out there. Might just want to play some games inside. Or you could do like me and cook something. I've got Italian Beef in the crock pot and even though Christmas was several days ago, I decided to make another fruitcake (I enjoyed the first one so much and had enough leftover ingredients).

Speaking of bite-size morsels, let's get you some bite-size stories for your Sunday.

Today we have: Deathball v1.5 Released, Polyversal 6mm Sci-Fi Miniatures System Kickstarter Teaser Posted, New Dice Trays from Tectonic Craft Studios, and Infamy Miniatures Running Goblin Chieftain Kickstarter.

Tectonic Craft Studios has some new custom movement trays for all you fantasy game players out there.


From the announcement:

Moving your models for fantasy warfare is a task best suited to movement trays. Cardboard ones? Plastic ones? Cookie sheets? No.....

You need wooden ones, tailor made to fit your models, your formations, and your army.

Tectonic Craft Studios offers affordable, custom-order movement trays for all of your fantasy model needs- skirmishers, monstrous infantry and cavalry, even chariots and monsters!

So take a look at our line of affordable movement trays that easily cater to your army needs.

Tectonic Craft Studios is having a sale on their Tourney Racks over in their website for the month of June.


From the announcement:

Tournament season is in full swing what are you bringing your army around on? Cookie sheets?! Show up to the steamroller with a tray that can handle your army- a TCS Tourney Rack!

Until midnight on June 30th, enter "201406GotRacks?" and receive 20% off your tourney rack!

These racks are high quality carrying trays to securely transport your models from table to table without packing them up in between each match. Great for tournaments or casual play events.

Full Racks come in 4 varieties to adapt to a variety of lists for most skirmish and some full war scaled games.

Half Racks come in 7 varieties and can adapt to most skirmish games and low point skirmish game lists.

Be sure to use code "201406GotRacks?" to get 20% off your tourney rack and show up to your game prepared.

Tectonic Craft Studios released their new Life Tracker piece over in their webshop.

Objective Marker


From the release:

Tectonic Craft Studios introduces a reliable and gorgeous new 50mm objective marker. This Objective has a 15 point countdown along the outside of the objective with a small insert to fit inside the cog-teeth and mark the objective's remaining HP, safely and securely.

Tectonic Craft Studios created a new Dice Tower specifically for Rivet Wars. They're in rather limited numbers, so go check it out now!

From the announcement:

Hey Guys,

We got together with our friends over at Tectonic Craft Studios to get an awesome dice tower designed and made. Dan makes some of the best looking laser cut terrain that we have ever seen so when people here started talking about wanting a cool dice tower, he was the logical choice.

Here's the deal, they are limiting the initial run to make sure there are no fulfillment issues (700) and they are available today! The towers will be shipped around when Rivet Wars is shipped (earlier most likely). You can order yours today here (link)

Note that these are being made and fulfilled by Tectonic Craft Studios, not Cool Mini or Not. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact them!

Tectonic Craft Studios is having themselves a Thanksgiving sale as well as releasing some new battlefield accessories.

From the announcement:

TCS has released Battlefield Accessories! That's right. All of those things that add that little something extra to your tabletops are now on sale. Cranes, crates, stone well, and more! Check out our expanded product line and limited time sales prices

Tectonic Craft Studios has some new wreck marker styles as well as some movement trays available over in their webstore.

From the release:

Come check out the Movement Trays and Wreck Markers added to TCS online store

Tectonic Craft Studios launched their webstore, so now you can get all of their products directly from the source.

From the announcement:

How many times have you spent all that time personalizing your army, maybe with friends or at a local gaming store, only to fight an epic battle on a plain grass/wasteland board with a few uninspired hills, drab buildings, and a few generic accent pieces?

Tectonic Craft Studios is looking to change that. We're looking to start making terrain as a continuous and evolving line of tabletop scenery that can grow with and adapt to a constantly growing and changing war games community. War games need high detail, durable, yet affordable terrain that is easily and intuitively assembled to get it built and on the table.

Tectonic Craft Studios launches a new kickstarter project.

From their kickstarter:

What we're all about
Tabletop miniatures games are a lot more than just games. Tabletop minis gaming is a hobby of strategy, tactics, modeling, painting, storytelling, dice-rolling, fun-having, and hanging out with your friends. They are as much about spatial relationships as they are personal ones. They're as much about making your army as they are playing and winning with them. As a whole, the tabletop minis hobby is a highly visual one. We spend hours and hours of converting, sculpting, painting, inking, and highlighting to make sure our armies look great.

Check it out!