News Snippets

Time for some more News Snippets.
These are more stories we want you to know about, but they’re just a bit shorter in nature.

-New Shoulder Pads from Mad Robot Miniatures
-Team Covenant release Cherry and Mahogany, Templates for Gentlemen
-Kabuki Models unveils the revised Nerah model
-Khurasan releases Manchu Chinese cannon and crew
-Siren Miniatures – new renders publised
-New Tapestry and Bedroom Accessories from Thomarillion
-Blood Rage previews Bear Clan Warrior art/sculpt
-Dracci Breath – An Orcs in the Webbe Original Scenario
-2 Hour Heroquest – An Orcs in the Webbe Original Rules Supplement
-Time to go On the Road with Moebius Adventures
-Escenografia Epsilon posts Rare Imperial Buildings WIP

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New Force Tokens available from Team Covenant

Team Covenant released their second set of Force Tokens over in their webshop. They’re primarily for use with the Star Wars LCG from Fantasy Flight, but they’re good for other games, too.


From the release:

Team Covenant recently unveiled Force Tokens 2, introducing a 3 damage token to their highly popular Force Token set designed for use with the Star Wars LCG. The set includes 28 focus tokens, 10 shield tokens, 25 one damage tokens, and 5 three damage tokens.

Covenant Templates 2 are now available

Team Covenant has their second sets of templates for X-Wing available over in their webshop.


From the release:

Today, Team Covenant announced the latest iteration of their highly successful acrylic templates designed for the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game, Covenant Templates 2.

Covenant Templates 2 offer a larger variety of color options and improve on the accuracy of the templates by striving to meet the intended measurements of the templates that come in the core set of the game.

These are now available for standard purchase

Team Covenant announces Data Tokens

Team Covenant helps you keep track of your data with new Data Tokens.
Man, I still need to get the last couple NetRunner expansions. Gotta play that game more often.


From the release:

Today Team Covenant launched their latest custom product, Data Tokens. These completely custom tokens are designed to be highly compatible with Android: Netrunner the Card Game. This set takes tokens to the next dimension, with a stunning 3 dimensional effect across the set. Also available are the Executive Edition credits, which are etched from aluminum and offer a beautiful way to track your credits.

Team Covenant has new Force Tokens

Team Covenant has new Force Tokens to help you keep track of your force.

From the announcement:

The guys over at Team Covenant recently launched Force Tokens, completely custom tokens designed to be used with the Star Wars LCG. This token set takes an innovative and completely new approach to tokens, letting the tokens get out of the way and help you focus on the game and the beautiful art again.

Team Covenant Releases Covenant Templates

Team Covenant has some new templates for use with the X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games.

From the announcement:

Team Covenant announced the launch of Covenant Templates. These sets are highly accurate, elegant, and compatible with the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game. The templates will first ship with the release of Wave 2.