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Tales from the Loop

One of the more popular and surreal RPG games from recent years is Tales from the Loop from Free League Publishing. Now, there's a new way to explore the strange world with the Tales from the Loop boa
Gaming is good. Saving money is good. Giving to charity is great. Put them all together and you've got something greater than the sum of its parts. And that's what you have with Humble Bundle. This ti
Want to see what Free League Publishing has been working on? Want to get some insight into the thoughts of the designers? Want to just hang out with other Free League Publishing fans? You can this wee
This pandemic has really made me appreciate virtual tabletops. I use Roll20 on an almost-weekly basis now, whereas I'd only ever used it once or twice in the previous decade. But, thanks to it, I can
Been wanting to try out the multiple-award-winning Tales From the Loop RPG from Free League Publishing but weren't quite sure where to start? Waiting on a product designed to specifically get new play
Many of you have enjoyed the Tales From the Loop RPG. You've maybe even played the expansion. And you're possibly looking forward to the tv series. Well, soon, there'll be a new way to enjoy this stra
Many of you have seen Tales From the Loop, the very popular RPG from Free League Publishing (that's being made into a TV show now, I hear). Maybe you've wanted to get into it, but you're not entirely
A new expansion for the award-winning Tales From the Loop RPG is coming in just under a month's time. Free League Publishing has announced Out of Time, a new campaign that, as one would expect, involv
Just because otherworldly horrors invade the normal world doesn't mean that everyone's life will change immediately. There will still be jobs to go to, school to study for, daycare to pick up your kid
The gaming world collectively adored Tales From the Loop. Now, Free League Publishing is running a Kickstarter for the next in the series, the new stand-alone expansion, Things From the Flood. And, it
Modiphius has released their first adventure book for Tales from the Loop. It's called Our Friends the Machines & Other Mysteries, and it's got quite a lot going on inside its covers. There's several
Modiphius is just on a roll with releases and announcements lately. They've got all their Fallout stuff going on, but they've also got a new RPG they're releasing (along with various ancillaries). It'