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Tail Feathers

Hey everyone. I hope those of you that celebrated it had a good Christmas. If you don't celebrate Christmas, I still hope you had a kick-ass Friday. As for today, I hope you're having a great Feast of St. Stephen. Or, again, if you don't celebrate such, I hope you're having a kick-ass Saturday.
Being Saturday, it's time to get you some reviews.

Today's offerings include: Food Chain Magnate, Fleet Wharfside, Tumult Royal, Tail Feathers, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, New York 1901, Mission: Red Planet, Orleans, Flick 'em Up, The Bloody Inn, Tide of Iron: Stalingrad, VS System 2PCG, and Le Havre - The Inland Port.

The week continues on. How many of you are still working on Thanksgiving leftovers? Tonight will be the last of the sliced turkey and sweet potatoes for me. I do, however, still have many servings of soup left. Most of it went into the freezer for later. It's all good, but I'm reaching my limit on wanting to have it again for a while.

However, this weekend I'm going to be making fruitcake. :D

For other tasty bites, we've got our midweek snippets.

Today's stories include: Major 1p40k/KT Update, Rogue Planet | House Rules and Scenario Generator added, Horcmany Eve - A Flintloque Adventure from a Time before Blackpowder, FREE Interactive Solo Adventure PDF - The Cave & the Treasure, Eternity Dice Regular and Charms Edition on Kickstarter, RONE Card Game Approaches Funding Goal, Massive Awesome Unveil The Biomancer For Shattered Earth, Tail Feathers Downloadable Scenarios Now Available, Viera Sci-Fi Mini Now Available From RN Estudio, New Wolsung SSG releases, and Nexus Miniatures Posts Progress Update.

I'm a firm believer that every gamer out there is also a bit of a game designer. Honestly, everyone that's ever played a game has thought of a model they'd make for that game. At least, I know I've scribbled down rules for various models for games I've played over the years. Well, Plaid Hat Games is looking to reward some of that creativity for those that might want to try and make a pilot for Tail Feathers, their new skirmish game.
The reactions to Plaid Hat Games' announcement about Tail Feathers, their new miniatures skirmish game based in their Mice and Mystics universe, has been overwhelmingly positive. Looks like people are really excited about the set. For those of you on the fence, who may want to know how the game works before you decide to jump in or not, Plaid Hat has started posting some previews about how the game works.
Come on, lemme see you shake your tail feather!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, twist it! Shake it! Shake it! Shake it! Shake it, baby!
Shame on you if you don't get that reference.
Anyway, Plaid Hat Games has announced Tail Feathers, their new miniatures skirmish game set in the Mice & Mystics universe.
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Plaid Hat Games has announced that they're working on two new games to be released soon. The first, slated for Gen Con, is Ashes: Rise of the Phoenix. This is a hybrid card/dice game, where players play as powerful wizards vying to become a god. Each player gets a customizable deck to represent their character's abilities. There will be standard and draft versions of the game available. The other is Tail Feathers, which will be set in their popular Mice and Mystics world. You play as a mouse (or a rat) and you're flying around on a bird, attacking other mice (or rats). Because... why not? Sounds pretty sweet to me. That game is currently in playtesting.

Video interview with The Dice Tower below the cut.