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It's Monday and I'm back in the office after a long weekend.Unfortunately, gaming plans fell through, but it was still a decent weekend. There's always next week. Gotta get my S3 Guild Ball on at some
Is the week going by quickly for everyone or just me? Every day I wake up and go, "whoah, it's already (insert day here)." Well, that didn't happen on Monday. That sort of thing never happens on Monda
Don't get too excited, but the weekend's only a couple days away (well, a day and a half). What gaming do you have planned? My D&D group is getting together for the first time in... oh... 6-7 months.
Frontline Gaming has their F.A.T. Mat Design poll up on their website and they want your input. Go check it out.SourceFrom the website:We compiled a list of all of the suggestions from our Facebook Pa
Frontline Gaming and TableWar now have their F.A.T. Mats available to pre-order off of the Frontline Gaming website.SourceFrom the announcement:Hey everyone, TableWar and Frontline Gaming are beyond e
Frontline Gaming and TableWar have a new F.A.T. Mat preview. This one with a more Western theme.SourceFrom them to you:Seems like we’ve got a F.A.T. Mat showdown coming at high noon! The F.A.T. team i
Frontline Gaming and Tablewar are teaming up to bring smaller-scale gamers new terrain mats.SourceFrom the announcement:We are super excited to start to pull the veil back on some of our new developme
Frontline Gaming and Tablewar are bringing their F.A.T. Mat gaming mats to Europe.SourceFrom the announcement:We're storming the beaches!F.A.T. Mats are now in the UK and ready to save your tables fro
Frontline Gaming and TableWar are now taking orders for their new gaming mats, available in different styles and sizes.SourceFrom the post:The popular Gaming Mat line from Frontline Gaming and TableWa
Voices of Mars has a review video up where they look at the Tablewar Minis Case.SourceFrom the video:Voices of Mars Reviews the Tablewar Mini Case from Kickstarter not too long ago. Great case for car
Tablewar and Frontline Gaming only have a little over a day left for their MegaMat gaming mat Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the campaign:The 4x4's are here! They look fantastic, check them out!
Tablewar and Frontline Gaming are showing off the Barren Wasteland Mega Mat for their Kickstarter campaign. They've only got a couple days left for you to jump in on this one.SourceFrom the update:Che
Tablewar and Frontline Gaming have unlocked a trio of new mats in their Mega Mat Kickstarter. They're showing off the Alpine one on the campaign page.SourceFrom the update:We've unlocked the 4x4' mats
Frontline Gaming and Tablewar have unlocked the Urban Combat mat over on their Mega Mat Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the update:The wait is over, Urban Combat is here! This Mega Mat is sure to be v
Tablewar along with Frontline Gaming has a Kickstarter underway for their new MegaMat.SourceFrom the campaign:MegaMat™; a series of themed, full color 4’x6’ (and 4x4’ with stretch goals) tabletop gami
Tablewar has added new color options to their Mini Case Kickstarter campaign. They've decided to go with purple and white.Powercat Pride is in full effect, I guess. Go State!SourceFrom the update:Ok,
Tablewar has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a new minis case. Carry your minis around in style.SourceFrom the campaign:Welcome to the TABLEWAR™ Kickstarter! We need your help to crea
Tablewar gives you some new army transport options with their MKII solid-faced cases.From the announcement:Surprise attack...keep your opponent in the dark right up to deployment. With the New TABLEWA
Adepticon is coming soon. Will you be there? Tablewar will, as one of the sponsors of the show.From the announcement:TABLEWAR(TM) will join the long list of sponsors for this premier gaming event. Pri
Tablewar is coming out with their Mark II carrying cases later this week.From the announcement:Available March 1st!
Tablewar is holding their December holiday sale now over on their website.For the rest of December (12/3/12-12/31/12), TABLEWAR(TM) is running a special sale. All colors of our Half-Size Tower Case (B
TableWar will be having specials going all this weekend over on their website for their display and transport cases.Bookmark the TABLEWAR(TM) Store for a very special Black Cyber Sale! Beginning on Bl