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Force20 expands their WWII line with the release of their new French Resistance Fighters sets. Good for either your WWII-era miniatures games or any period dioramas you may be making, there are two ne
TableTopScale has some new Modern Moroccan units available now over in their webshop.SourceFrom the website:Force20 Fine Scale Miniatures new Moroccan “Mehalla” fighters, suitable for the Spanish Civi
TableTopScale is overrun with their new Zombie Wanderers minis.SourceFrom the post:Force20 Fine Scale Miniatures newest release, Zombie Wanderers, is now available. These five freaky figures, SRP US$5
TableTopScale is your exclusive place to get Force20's new 20mm WWII North African miniatures.SourceFrom the release:Force20’s newest WWII era figure sets, Long Range Desert Group and Ramcke Brigade F
Force20 unleashes their zombie hordes over at TableTopScale.SourceFrom the release:(ZC-1) Zombie Characters: A zombie horde made up of twelve very unique, really creepy characters. Characters include:
TableTopScale has new G-Men, Gangsters and Spies available in 20mm over in their webshop.SourceFrom the has just released G-men, Gangsters and Spies (DS-02)as part of its For