WWII French Resistance Fighters just released by Force20

Force20 expands their WWII line with the release of their new French Resistance Fighters sets. Good for either your WWII-era miniatures games or any period dioramas you may be making, there are two new sets available in their webshop.
Force20 also gives us a look at what they have coming up. Coming in March will be early-war American miniatures sets.
Also coming in March are new Smugglers sets.


From the release:
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New Native Troops Skirmishing at TableTopScale

TableTopScale has some new Modern Moroccan units available now over in their webshop.

Native Troops Skirmishing


From the website:

Force20 Fine Scale Miniatures new Moroccan “Mehalla” fighters, suitable for the Spanish Civil War and the early days of WWII in the North African desert, are now available. These figure packs are the first in Force20’s new “Native Troops” range and have a SRP of US$5.99.

NT-01, Mehalla Commmand and Support, includes a Command figure with Krag-Jorgenson M1912 rifle, a fighter charging with M1893 Mauser, and a Hotchkiss M1914 machinegun with 2man crew.

NT-02, Mehalla Fighters includes four fighters with M1893 Mauser rifles and one with Krag-Jorgenson M1912 rifle.

Force20 Fine Scale Miniatures are 20mm scale white metal figures, with standard packs containing five figures and Diorama Special (DS) packs containing 9-10 figures. Force20 figures are available from, Elhiem Figures, and

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Zombie Wanderers Take Over TableTopScale

TableTopScale is overrun with their new Zombie Wanderers minis.



From the post:

Force20 Fine Scale Miniatures newest release, Zombie Wanderers, is now available. These five freaky figures, SRP US$5.99, will make you think twice about going outside without being heavily armed. Matched with Force20 Zombie Characters (ZC-01) Zombie Wanderers (ZW-01) give you everything you need to game an all-out zombie invasion.

Oh yeah, Zombie Hunters (ZH-01) are the perfect counter to these creepy wanderers.

Force20 Fine Scale Miniatures are available from and Elhiem Figures.

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Force20 unleashes their zombie hordes over at TableTopScale.


From the release:

(ZC-1) Zombie Characters: A zombie horde made up of twelve very unique, really creepy characters. Characters include: Benny the Butcher, Larry the Lumberjack, Mike the Mechanic, Martin the Mailman, Norton the Nerd, Simon the Surfer, Nikki the Nurse, Suzy the Supermodel, Wendy the Waitress, Sandy the Soccer Mom, Cyd the cyborg, and Sarge the SWAT Officer. ZC-01 is a 12 figure pack with a SRP of US$12.99.

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G-men, Gangsters and Spies added to's Force20 figure range

TableTopScale has new G-Men, Gangsters and Spies available in 20mm over in their webshop.


From the release: has just released G-men, Gangsters and Spies (DS-02)as part of its Force20 Fine Scale Miniatures range.

DS-02 provides intriguing characters to move in-and-out of the shadows, local warehouses, and taverns, and includes six G-men (with pistols, a shotgun, a BAR, and Thompson SMGs), two Gangsters - armed with a double-barreled shotgun and pump shotgun - and two shifty types armed with Mauser M1938 pistols; are they Gestapo Agents or Abwehr V-men?

Force20 Fine Scale Miniatures are produced in 20mm scale with standard packs containing five figures and Diorama Special (DS) packs contaning 9-10 figures. DS-02 has a SRP of US$11.99

Force20 Fine Scale Miniatures are available from, Elhiem Figures, and Sgt. Major's Miniatures.

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