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Carrying around your library of board games isn't really possible. What is possible, however, is to use Tabletopia to play your favorite board games on your mobile device. The makers are pleased to announce that they have released the app now for Android. You can download it now from Google Play.

Last weekend, people from all over the world gathered together to play games at Gen Con. Conventions allow us to do that sort of thing. But with all those friendships made and reinforced, you want to play with your friends all the time, not just once a year, no matter where they might live. Thankfully, online platforms for playing board games are expanding. For example, Tabletopia now has Online Play available for mobile platforms.

And we're already to Wednesday. It helps the week go along when you're off on Monday.
It's also my friend Gilbert's birthday!
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Anyway, along with cake and ice cream, we should fill up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Mindwork Games New Online Store Now Open, Acheson Releases Five Dungeon Worlds Part 2 Figures, KaYo Miniatures Releases The Imitator, New Mini Battle Dice Available From Kromlech, Tabletopia Launches International Keyflower Tournament, Tabletop-Art Releases New Flagstone bases and a Monster base, Knuckleduster Miniatures Releases Five New Western Characters, New releases from Terrible Kids Stuff - First half of January 2017, New Destiny Tokens Available From Micro Art Studio, Red Panda Miniatures Webstore Now Open, and Vanguard of War Becomes Archon Studio’s Most Successful Kickstarter.

Electronic versions of games can really be handy when you're not at home but you want to play a game. I mean, most of us don't have a whole game library at our offices that we can pull from during lunchtime. And even those of us that do, we might not always have the room to spread out and play a game. As such, virtual tabletop programs can really be of big help. They can also help you decide if you want to back a game on Kickstarter or not. For example, The Pioneers Program is up on Kickstarter now, but they're also available to try out on Tabletopia.
Mage Company is teaming up with the fellows from Tabletopia to bring you their board games to digital space. Having board games on your tablet is a great way to play while on vacation or during other such trips, since there's no cards or dice or plastic pieces to accidentally lose under the hotel bed or car seat.
The Tabletopia Kickstarter campaign is chugging along rather well. They've long-ago passed their funding goal. They're now at more than 3x funding and still on the rise. They've recently posted up their first open multiplayer demo of their program. So if you're not a backer, you can check it out before pledging if you so desire.
I think it's safe to say that most of us reading this page like playing board games of some kind. Board games are a great way to spend time with friends. But some games aren't so easy to just start playing. As many of us enjoy games, I'm sure just as many can name a game they love to play, but hate to have to set up and put away. Or what if you want to play a game with some friends, but they're not living near you anymore? Or what if you're out on a trip and want to play games, but don't want to have to pack an extra trailer just to carry all the games you could potentially play? That's where Tabletopia comes in.
The real and the digital are becoming more integrated all the time. Video games are becoming tabletop games and tabletop games are being made into video games. Digital platforms are making it so it's easy to play board games with people just about anywhere. Tabletopia is one such platform. They're currently having a closed beta of their system.