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Friday Eve. The weekend is nearly upon us. I'm not only looking forward to that, but my latest Heatonist box will be here today at some point. So there's plenty to be excited about. There's also plenty to be excited about because we've got some really amazing terrain projects to show you today.

In the Terrain Corner we have: MagnaHex Terrain System Up On Kickstarter, ESLOTerrain Running 3d Printable Castle Kickstarter, Tinywargames Roads and Rivers Up On Kickstarter, and Tabletop World's Altburg Stable Up On Kicktsarter.

Well, it's Monday again. It was inevitable. Not that Monday's all bad, mind you. Can't say it's my favorite day. But I don't hate it. I'm not Garfield. Besides, I've got new hot sauces hopefully arriving today. So, it's not all bad. We'll make it through and get back to the weekend eventually. In the meantime, though, let's make sure that when it does come time again to game, your gaming tables look good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Tabletop World Previews New Stable Terrain, and New Hive City Billboard Available From Tabletop Scenics.

Happy Friday Eve, everybody!

I... apparently don't have any interesting quip for this post... so let's just get to the terrain (I'm sure there's many of you that are thankful for that :P ).

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: The Giant Book of Battle Mats Coming This December From Loke Battlemats, Outworld Studios Running The Bastion Modular Kit Kickstarter, Volkano Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame, and Tabletop World released their new Merchant Shop kit.

The week continues along. Wednesday, which is traditionally my longest day of the week (in feeling, anyway), is done, and we slide our way back down to the weekend. And with the weekend, hopefully comes gaming. And with gaming comes terrain. So let's get your gaming tables looking good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Conan Tiles From Modiphius, Resinarium Bridges Up On Kickstarter, and Tabletop World Previews Fisherman House.

This is gonna be a pretty short week for me. It's like it's already Wednesday, in a way, since there's only 2 more days after this to the weekend. But it's not actually Wednesday. It's Monday. As such, that means my Robin Hood/Star Wars shirt and a Terrain Corner, rather than my Ministry of Silly Walks shirt and a Snippets.

Today in the Terrain Corner we've got: New Wizard Tower and Holiday Sale Happening At Tabletop World, 4Ground Holiday Sale Happening Now, Heroic Maps - Terrain: Nebula Star Field Now Available, New Ruined Homestead Available From Micro Art Studio, and Heroic Maps - Port Fanchone Now Available.

In a way, it's Monday, because it's the first day back in the office after the weekend. But it could also be seen as Wednesday, since it's only 3 days from being the weekend again (Woo! Thanksgiving! Woo!). But what makes it once more feel like a Monday is that it's time for a Terrain Corner.

In this Corner we have: New Terrain Kits by Burn In Designs, Goal Post Terrain Up On Kickstarter, Tabletop World released the new Watermill, Tabletop World Holiday Sale Happening Now, StudioLevel Terrain Now Available, and Lifeless Land: Pwork Wargames Sci-Fi Gaming Mat Now Available.

So, not tabletop gaming related, but as a Chicago native, waking up this morning to hear the Cubs won the World Series was pretty awesome, even though I've not followed baseball for quite a long time.
Too bad we don't have MLB Showdown or that MLB Clix game around anymore.
Anyway, that aside, let's talk about making sure your gaming tabletop looks as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: 15% Off All Sarissa Single Terrain Pieces At Warlord Games, New Releases From ESLO: 3D Game Elements for Boardgames, Dicey Ventures Running Earth Brewery Kickstarter, New Snowfields Dropfleet Commander Game Mat from Deep-Cut Studio, and Tabletop World Posts Watermill Sneak Peek.

Monday before Gen Con. The office is busy as can be. We've got our drivers for the trucks showing up. Various other guests are here at the office, looking over all the preparations. Game prototypes are being boxed up to head to the show for people to see. Product is being wrapped and packed onto trucks. All sorts of surprises are getting prepped. My desk is surrounded by people. But that doesn't mean I can't work through the distractions to bring you today's Terrain Corner.

This week we have: Tabletop World released the Ruined Townhouse, Hexagon Mill Launchs Pre-Painted Modular Flatpack Terrian, Pwork Wargame Mousepad Gaming Mats Now Available, and Heroic Maps release Modular Kit: Forest Paths.

Already into June (more than a day's worth, even). We're just burning our way through the year. And "burning" is the right term, considering temperatures in the US, at least, this week. Oof. It's a good time to stay inside in the AC and get some gaming on. And if you're gaming, you're going to need a gaming table. And if you're going to need a gaming table, it might as well look as good as possible. That's what we're here to help with today.

Our Terrain Corner today has: Dicey Ventures Elemental Village Kickstarter Launches, Tabletop World has released the new Town Walls, Badlands: Pwork Wargames Fantasy Gaming Mat Now Available, New Resin Terrain from Skull Forge Scenics: Graveyard Wall Sets, and Manorhouse Workshop Update #33 – Some expensive fuel.

Earlier, a coworker called today "Friday Eve." She said it sounded a lot better than "Fourth Monday."
... I can't say I disagree with that line of reasoning at all. Friday Eve does sound a lot better than Fourth Monday.
So welcome to our Friday Eve Terrain Corner.

Today we have: Deep-Cut Studio releases new gaming mat for naval battles, Mantic Releases Dungeon Saga Terrain, Heroic Maps - Pyramid of Nekhtou Now Available, GameCraft Miniatures Releases Olympic Hotel In 3 Scales, Rebel Sector: Pwork Wargames science fiction gaming mat, and Tabletop World ofers Free Shipping.

Are you a master colorful-goop-slinger? I'm... certainly not. I've not painted anything in quite a long time, and I wasn't very good to start out with, so I'm sure right now if I did paint something, it'll look like I did it with a paintball gun at 25 yards. But, if you are more practiced than I am, maybe you can win the Tabletop World painting contest.
Hey everyone and welcome to Monday. If you're in the US, it should be an easier Monday than some. Heck, it's almost like it's Wednesday, since you may have Thursday and Friday off. Unless you think that today's Monday, tomorrow's Wednesday, and Wednesday is Friday. I guess it all depends on how you want to look at it. But whether it's Monday or Wednesday to you, it's time for another Terrain Corner.

In this batch we have: Final days for Mini Duels Tournament Trays and 28mm Terrain Kickstarter, Tabletop World released their Town Gate, Three options are now available for 28mm Norman Church Kit in Sally 4th Kickstarter, Black Friday Deal: Bundlesaurus Rex from Angry Mojo Games, and Plastcraft Games Posts November Releases.

The rain here in Atlanta seems to be bringing a lot of people down. Personally, I love me some "Guns 'N' Roses weather" (congratulations if you get the reference), and as you saw in a previous update today, I've got classic rock playing today in my headphones. And don't let anyone tell you that heavy metal and classic rock can't be nerdy. "Ramble On" anyone?

Anyway, let's get on with our usual Monday feature of a Terrain Corner, where we do our best to make your gaming table look fantastic.

Today's articles include: Manorhouse Workshop Update #6 – 3D Bases – Modular Terrain: Skirmish & Wargame, Acheson Creations Releases the next in its Twentieth Century Alpine Trench Series – the Concrete Troop/Supply Shelter, New From Heroic Maps - The Tar Pits, Renaissance Miniatures Launches Steampunk/Victorian Terrain Kickstarter, Tabletop World Town Gate Sneak Peek, and Deep-Cut Studio releases new City Block gaming mat.

Well, we've painted ourselves into a corner... a Terrain Corner!
Look, it's a busy week. Not all the jokes are going to be good ones. But that doesn't change that it is once again Thursday and so that once again means a Terrain Corner segment of the show.

Today we have: Tabletop World re-releases their Guard Tower, Arena Mat available at, and New Pre-painted Catalogue from Manorhouse Workshop.

Hello out there, all you beautiful TGN readers! We've once again made it to another Friday. Congratulations! Any good gaming to be had this weekend? Anyone trying out some of the new releases that've come out this past week?

As for the moment, we've collected another batch of bite-sized stories and present them to you here.

In today's Snippets, we've got: Some more installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Kev's Creatures - KC2 Mountain Orcs at Alternative Armies, Sharkes Gingerbread a free Flintloque Scenario, Tabletop World has released their new Stone Bridge, New Brandenburg Gate in 6mm from GameCraft Miniatures, Brigade Models Release 28mm Great War Belgian Cyclists, First Knight by Kabuki Models finally available for purchase, and Mage Company Announces 12 Realms: Bedtime Story Kickstarter Launch Time.

Tabletop World has announced the next installment of their annual painting competition. You have until April 1st to get your entry completed and sent in. Winner gets 500 euros for the Tabletop World store!
But even if you just enter, you'll get 20% off your next order in their shop.


From the announcement:
Tabletop World is another terrain-making company having a sale right now. Fill up your gaming table with quality terrain for less than you'd usually have to spend.


From the announcement:

Hello guys,
Check out our Christmas Special Offer!

For all orders above 80 Eur (VAT and shipping excluded) we will include one exclusive SUPPLIES KIT for free!

For all orders above 140 Eur (VAT and shipping excluded) we will include one COTTAGE for free!

For all orders above 200 Eur (VAT and shipping excluded) we will include one TOWNHOUSE for free!

For all orders above 500 Eur (VAT and shipping excluded) we will include one MANSION for free!

Christmas Special Offer lasts until December 31st. The gifts are not cumulative!

Tabletop World expands their awesome terrain line with their new Mansion piece.


From them to you:

Hello guys,
The Mansion is finally finished and ready for public!
Check it out!
Also, check out this year's CHRISTMAS SPECIAL OFFER!
Cheers! ;)

Tabletop World has posted up a little teaser render of a new piece they're working on.


From them to you:

Hello guys,
We have a sneak peek of our next model! We are preparing something really big and impressive for this Christmas. It will be released around November 15.
Bear in mind that this is just a "work in progress" picture of the part of the building. We still have a lot of work to do.

Tabletop World has their Townhouse III terrain piece now available over in their webshop.

Townhouse III


From the release:

Hello guys,
Another Townhouse is released! It is the second one of the several houses that will be designed in a way that when you put them together they form a medieval street line. Check it out! ;)

Tabletop World wants to know if you've got what it takes to be the best of the best in their new painting competition.


From the post:

We have a Painting Competition to announce!
All who enter win!

The winner gets a voucher of 500 Euros, first runner-up gets a voucher of 300 Euros, second runner-up gets a voucher of 200 Euros!
All other contestants get 10% discount on their next order!

For more details check out our website.

Cianty takes a look at and gives you their thoughts on the Coaching Inn terrain piece from Tabletop World.


From the review:

Cianty's tabletop blog posts an in-depth review of the newly released Coaching Inn from Tabletop World.

Tabletop World has a Christmas special running over on their website for some of their super-sweet terrain. You should go look.


From the announcement:

Hello guys,
We have a special deal for you. Check out our Christmas Special Offer!

Tabletop World gives you a place for you sports team leaders to stay with the release of their Coaching Inn.
The stuff from this company always looks phenomenal.


From the release:

Hello guys,
New Coaching Inn is finaly finished and ready for public! It is by far the biggest, most detailed and complex model we did so far. Check it out! :)

Tabletop World has a little teaser photo up of their Coaching Inn, their next terrain piece that'll be coming out.


From the preview:

Hello guys,
We have a sneak peek of our new Coaching Inn for you!
It will be released around November 15.
Check it out ;)