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Tabletop Workshop

This shortened week is coming to a close. Well, eventually, anyway. Did yesterday seem to take 2 days to anyone else? It started out with, "Woo! It's Wednesday!" and ended with, "... wait, it's still
Tabletop Workshop, by popular demand, has created their Large Castle Set that you can order over in their webshop. The set brings together 23 of their kits into a single set. You get both castle piece
Tabletop Workshop now has their Modular Castle Terrain Kits available over in their webshop.Have fun stormin' the castle!SourceFrom the announcement:Our 28mm Hard Plastic Modular Castle kits are now c
Tabletop Workshop has bundled up some of their terrain kits and is offering them at a special price over in their webshop.Medieval SettlementMonastic Scenery SetUrban BuildingsUrban Defence Set Source
Tabletop Workshop is now taking orders for their new Basic Castle Set over in their webshop.Tabletop Workshop Castle from InsideTabletop Workshop Castle from Outside SourceFrom the announcement:We are
Tabletop Workshop has a special deal going on for their 28mm Urban Starter Terrain set going on now over in their webshop.SourceFrom the announcement:At Tabletop Workshop, we're currently offering bun
Tabletop Workshop helps keep your castle safe from invaders with the release of their new castle watchtower terrain piece.SourceFrom the release:We're delighted to announce that the 28mm Round Fortifi
Tabletop Workshop has some previews up of the new Stable and Barn terrain pieces they'll have available soon in their webshop.SourceFrom the preview:We are delighted to unveil the two latest buildings
Tabletop Workshop now has their 28mm Merchant's House and Town House terrain pieces available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:The Tabletop Workshop 28mm Merchant's House and Town House ar
Tabletop Workshop has a special deal going on for those of you that would like to pre-order their new modular Castle terrain pieces.SourceFrom the announcement:Tabletop Workshop recently announced the
Wargame News and Terrain has posted up a review of the new Medieval Cottage and Chapel terrain piece from Tabletop Workshop.SourceFrom the review:Wargame News and Terrain has recently finished a fully
Tabletop Workshop is staking down names of those of you gamers out there who want to get their upcoming 28mm Castle kit as soon as it's made available. Be the first gamer on your block with this terra
Tabletop Workshop released their next hard plastic terrain piece over on their website. Now you can get the Cottage to go with your Chapel.SourceFrom the release:Tabletop Workshops Cottage and Chapel
Tabletop Workshop has started their new Medieval range of terrain with their new Chapel and Cottage.SourceFrom the release:We are pleased to announce our exclusive 28mm Medieval model building range i
Tabletop Workshop has posted up previews of their upcoming Medieval Chapel and Cottage sets over on their website.From the preview:This September, Tabletop Workshop are pleased to announce the launch
Tabletop Workshop is holding a contest where one winner will get the chance to create a new medieval building for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.From the update:Tabletop Workshop, a company prepari
Tabletop Workshop offers you more options for your Medieval and Fantasy tabletops with their new line of 28mm terrain pieces.From the announcement:Tabletop Workshop are starting to reveal their modula