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Table Forged

Companies using Kickstarter do well to listen to the people who are backing (or potentially backing) their projects. Sometimes the first time out of the gate, things aren't quite right. A smart compan
A lot of us have played Egyptian Rat Screw (or ERS for short). For those that haven't, it's a game sort of like the card game War, but when two cards of the same number are played on top of one-anothe
I wake up pretty early as it is. Generally between 5 and 5:30am. Wednesday, I'll be making sure to get up just a little bit earlier, as my ride up to Gen Con will be picking me up around 5:30am for ou
Table Forge has launched their Kickstarter campaign for King of the Keg, their first expansion for Iron & Ale.SourceFrom the campaign:The Dragon has been defeated! The Ancient Dwarven King of the Keg
Table Forged has relaunched their Kickstarter campaign for Iron & Ale, their dwarf-themed card/drinking game.SourceFrom the campaign:Iron and Ale is 100% Dwarf. It is a game of mining, fighting monste
Table Forged has posted up a game play video for Iron and Ale, their Dwarven Drinking Card Game.From the update:Hello Everyone! We wanted to let you know we posted a new gameplay video to show you the
Table Forged has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund Iron & Ale, their all-dwarf card game.From the campaign:A Dwarven Drinking Card Game. Mine, Fight Monsters and Challenge your Friends