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Taban Miniatures

Taban Miniatures gives us a look at what they've got in store for Eden for the month of November.

From the announcement:

Here are our november releases for EDEN !

5 new fighters :
Jason for the resistance
the Flesh Master for the Hord
the Blue Henro, ISC
and Ilona + Yliss for the matriarchy (2009 models re-sculpt)

Taban Miniatures has made it to their Indiegogo goal with still a lot of time left on the clock.

From the update:

Thanks a lot, we made it !

Your massive support allows us to press on the "print" button, Santa is coming to Town soon !

Mohand has started to sculpt the Indiegogo exclusive miniature.
and ALL the contributors will recieve a resin copy

original concept art designed by Bertrand Benoit :
For the unlocked goodies :

an Askari female Warrior (concept also by Bertrand Benoit) that will also differ from the final starter version : both head and arms will be specific to this Indiegogo project...
and a second scenery element "The Wild", sculpted by Remi Bostal

Taban Miniatures gives us a look at what they've got in store for their Eden campaign when it makes it to the stretch goals.

From the update:

The vault safe is open and the wasteland lays beyond !
So, what was the content of this first strech goal ? One goodie ?

NO Survivors .... A DOUBLE goodie and a bonus !

You have unlocked :

a great resin scenery element " The Wall", sculpted by Remi Bostal, that will only be available on this Indiegogo !
a resin cast of a fighter from our upcoming EDEN faction, the ASKARIS
Although the miniature is scheduled in the December starter Box, this version will get a set of arms, weapon and head exclusively sculpted for indiegogo !
a Bonus Voucher, that will grant all the contributors of perks "Survivor" and above, a 15% discount on Taban Miniatures webshop ! A great oportunity for those who will get into our game and follow the waves of releases

Taban Miniatures is offering free shipping (to some countries) for a limited time.

From the website:

Taban Miniatures has decided to set up a free shipping policy to the following countries:
USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand

We took this decision after the logistical adjustments of our main UK partner .
Our business relationship with this trader has been great for years and remains the same.

However, they have temporary stopped re-supplying any products and are clearing their stock until they move to a new warehouse.
At the moment 98% of our range is unavailable on their web-store. We don’t want the many (many) Eden players that got supplied so far to be left over… and stop our game !

Taban Miniatures follows in our theme today of "what companies are going to which conventions" with their announcement that they're going to be at Essen. They've got a special miniature on sale for people who stop by as well.

From the announcement:

Taban Miniatures will be present at Die Spiel, Essen, 18/21 Oktober 2012

Halle6, Boot 6-718....

We will team up with Smart Max (Smog and Mauser earth) and Ammon Miniatures...a great opportunity to see many French miniatures goodies in one place !

What will you find at the show :
All our Eden range for sale and Studio models on display !
Masters Miniatures limited editions
and the Madlab resin bases

We will run demos of Eden during the 4 days with a german crew and the help of the Tabletop Insider team !
Take advantage to bring your friends there and ask for a game

Special models and discounts:

- Special Edition miniature "Cryssen", that will be available at conventions and shows only, and for one year!
Beside we will have a decent supply of the limited edition "Alisha" (for the game Eden)

- any order above 50€ will get a -10% discount
- any order above 100€ will additionally earn the customer a free copy of Cryssen !
- Eden discovery offer : 2 starters for 60€ (save 10€)

All the gaming material will be packed in German, but we can be repacked on demand either in English or French

Taban Miniatures gives you the chance to customize your models a bit more with two new lines of resin bases.

From the release:

2 new sets of resin bases from Taban Miniatures to keep up with the gaming releases around ;-)

With these chaotic and sandy sets you will be able to field both good and bad dudes on a fancy ground

Taban Miniatures has posted a picture of the September releases for Eden.

From the announcement:

News are pouring down this month, with 6 new Eden fighters, one blisters of familiars and a box full of resin scenery elements allowing to set up your post apocalyptic skirmishes in no time !

Taban Miniatures put up a photo comprising all the preview art for their September Eden releases.

From the preview:

We are back form summer holidays and September will be crowded for Eden and Taban Miniatures !

6 fighters and 3 familiars for the *post-Apo skirmishes game + a scenery boxed set allowing to set up your battlefield and play Eden in no time !

We will come back soon with all the model pictures, until then here are the concept arts for the 6 fighters, beautifully designed by par Stéphane Louis …

Taban Miniatures lets you know the score with their new fantasy football scoreboard.

From the release:

Resin element, 70mm tall.

Includes 1x65mm round base, wooden frame (4parts) and 18 score markers that you can easily switch to bring more realism to your matches !!

Suits any 25 up to 32mm miniature Football game.

Taban Miniatures is holding a pretty interesting sale over on their website. The amount you spend dictates what sort of discount and even some free stuff you can get.

This summer Taban miniatures proposes great summer deals until the end of August !

10% to 20% discounts and many gifts (free shipping, free models etc...

These offers are cumulative with our usual fidelity dicounts !

Everything is described on the editor website....

Taban Miniatures put up the photos of what they've got cookin' for July releases for Eden.

From the update:

This month we have mission objectives and tokens for the game EDEN :

- 3 trapped rabbits for Grigoriy of the Jokers
- The Windmills (15cm tall, 3 units) – Resistance mission
- The ox, for the Convoy mission
These models are resin casted

And also a brand new starter box ! The red order for the matriarchy, a nice way to try this faction for those who don’t fancy the black order !

Taban Miniatures gives us a view of the June releases for Eden.

Taban miniatures has a new preview for the Resistance in Eden.

From the preview:

A new Resistance robot:

Boom! Looking positively amazing! Sooooo looking forward to that.

Taban Miniatures showed us the artwork for this before, well now the model's available on their website. Go look and see for yourself.

From the website:

Limited edition resin model. Casted in France with the best quality resin to facilitate the preparation, assembly and painting of the model.

Original sculpt by Mohand Ait Mehdi upon an original concept by Bertrand Benoit edited by Master Miniatures. This model will be casted at 300 units. Box content :
Snow troll body, 2 handed battle axe, troll beard, helmet spike and optional pectral skull
(5 parts).
Unpainted resin model, sold unassembled. Includes an authenticity certificate card.
Assembled size: Height: 70mm

Taban Miniatures has their May 2012 Eden releases now available for you to buy and take home and play with and love like a small child... err... or something like that, anyway.

From the release:

Our new Eden releases are available !
3 new fighters for the existing factions :

Kate for the Resistance, Leisl for the convoy and the Yellow geisha for the ISC drones.

Besides these babes, we are proud to launch the Hord masters that can control all our critters as a brand new faction !

The Broodmaster and the Beastmaster are packed in single blisters or in starter packs with the creatures and the faction cards.

This factions will bring a seventh gameplay to the game, based on a new resource the frenzy : the more you kill the mightier your critters will be !

Taban Miniatures has new resin bases, in several different sizes, for you t make your models look better with.

From the release:

5 new sets of textured resin bases are available from Taban Miniatures, Madlab 73 range
These Eldarish models are available in various sizes !

25mm x 10
30mm x 5 for anti-grav units
40mm x 4
65mm x 3 for ground or anti-grav units

Check our website for details and pictures of the different models

Taban Miniatures is making it really worth your wile to go see them at Salute. They're pre-releasing a whole new Eden faction for you.

From them to you:

The Hord is coming !

Following many requests we had from players who wanted to play the various critters as a whole faction, we have designed a 7th faction four the post apocalyptic game EDEN

2 troop leader will be presented at salute 12' :
The Beastmaster and the Broodmaster.

The blisters available at Salute will be resin casted with an exclusive artwork profile card

They will be able to interact with both degenerates (irradiated zombies) and animals.
Their game-play is rather simple : engage, kill, devour and get meaner !

However the player will have to manage a special ressource : "the frenzy". This resource will augment with the strength of the enemies you kill and will allow your creatures and your "masters" to unlock special abilities.

At this stage 8 animals and degenerates are available with their "Hord" profile. They can also played as neutral (but hostile) NPCs.

Get more informations about these novelties and the many related Salute deals on the editor website

Taban Miniatures are all a bunch of teases! They're trying to entice you to go and find out more... and it's worked!

From the tease:

Two new characters are going to be introduced in the universe of Eden. A background story for these mysterious characters is available on our website.

Taban Miniatures is going to be headed to Salute and they want to hand-deliver your models to you, if you want.

From the announcement:

Taban Miniatures will attend Salute 2012 in London.

21st of April, Boot TF08

We will propose our miniatures ranges EDEN (post apocalyptic Skirmishes), MadLab73, (resin textured bases)and Master Miniatures (collector showcase models).

Since our payload capacity is limited, we highly recommend to pre-order on our website.

By doing so, you will be sure of the availability of our references and will save time to talk with our Design team, watch our studio models and pay a visit to other great stands or events.

Additionally, our website will feature a -10% discount for the customers picking up their products at salute : upon ordering, Just enter the promotional code : salute12

Finally a big surprise will be there for all the Eden players !
2 brand new references will be pre-released at the show... These model will be resin casted and sold with and exclusive profile card, featuring the original concept art.

But more surprises will be unveiled about these models early next week... stay tuned on Taban Miniatures !

Taban Miniatures is headed to Salute 2012.

Taban miniatures's design team will be available at Salute 2012 the 21st of April, Boot TF08.

There is a -10% discount for the customers who order on Taban's website and pick up their products at Salute (promotional code : salute12).

Moreover, there is gonna be an announcement for the Eden miniature game.

Taban Miniatures gives us another in their March/April releases with their new Acrobats.

From the announcement:

The latest miniature for Eden for the March/April wave is a duo for the Jokers:
Josep et Svetlana
54mm,7 pieces.
Sculpt Mohand, Concept Art Bertrand Benoit, Paint Angel Giralgez

Taban Miniatures has another pair of models up for their March/April releases for Eden. Check 'em out!

From the announcement:

Taban revealed two more miniatures for Eden, available end of March / Early April.
More photos on the french forum.

Taban Miniatures has a pair of their March/April models up on their website for you to see.

From the preview:

Taban Miniatures reveals the studio paint for two miniatures that will be part of the upcoming wave of Eden miniatures in March/April.
More pictures can be seen on the french forum of Eden.

Taban Miniatures' February releases for their game Eden:

From their post:

Here are our new EDEN releases !

5 new fighters… 5 because we change our cruise speed this year :

You will get a 5 miniatures wave every 6-7 weeks instead of 4 new releases per month. Slight slowdown to give us enought time to design and sculpt ever more balanced and exciting models. And to allow our players to paint and test their models (so far the Eden range offers 120+ models !)

… In between we won’t spare our efforts and investment, with new product ranges and references upcoming from Taban Miniatures… stay tuned for more news.

Shinigami : sculpt by Mohand – Chelsea : sculpt by Gael Goumon – Boris : sculpt by Valentin Zak – Ingrid : sculpt by Juan Navarro Perrez – Martyr Man : sculpt by Gautier Giroud
Taban Miniatures shows the concepts for upcoming releases:

From their website:

Our next wave of Eden miniatures is getting close !
(next week to be exact)

Until then here are the concept art of these releases :

From top left to bottom right :
Chelsea for the new Resistance faction (Loic "Greencat" Muzy)
Boris of the jokers gang (Bertrand Benoit)
Martyr man, red order slave (Stephane Madura)
Ingrid, convoy babe (Mohamed "Mohand" Ait Mehdi)

And last but not least, the Yellow Shinigami, ISC Drone (Loic "Greencat" Muzy) - bottom picture

The Metal miniature views coming soon