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Tab Creations

The largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter is full of mystery and adventure. If you're looking to explore some of those mysteries, you'll want to check out Jovian Whispers, a new campaign and sou
In many fantasy RPGs, technology and magic has been fairly static for quite a long time. Things have been the way they are for hundreds of years. Now, think about our own world and what things were li
Fiction is a wonderful thing. While there is certainly plenty of strange and wonderful things in our own, real world... we can't ride around on dinosaurs or own a flying saucer or control lightning wi
Space, the final frontier. And while Star Trek certainly has a much more hopeful view of what space exploration will bring for humanity, there are numerous others that don't look at space travel as be
Tab Creations is running a Kickstarter campaign for Against the Dark Yogi, a new RPG system and universe based on the mythos of India.SourceFrom the campaign:In Against the Dark Yogi players take the