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Sweet Games

Sweet!Dude!Sweet!Dude!Ok, enough of that. WizKids and Sweet Games have decided to partner up so that those of us here in the English-speaking world can finally get our hands on Seeders from Sereis: Ex
I really think there needs to be more focus on WWI. Much of the world as we know it today comes from that conflict. Thankfully, there are games like The Grizzled. Speaking of which, CMON Limited has a
Last year CMON Inc. brought us the English version of The Grizzled, a WWI-themed card game of squad survival. It's right in my wheelhouse for favorite types of games, as it's quick to set up and play,
CoolMiniOrNot has announced that they're teaming up with Sweet Games to produce an English version of Waka Tanka in America. The game was designed by Bruno Faidutti (who also co-designed Queen's Neckl
Announced at the GAMA Trade Show, the French game Les Poilus (first release in France in February 2015) is receiving an English translation and release in America as The Grizzled thanks to Sweet Games