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SuperSystem 4th edition, the superhero skirmish minis game, is now available to download and play some super-powered games on your tabletop.


From the release:

SuperSystem 4th edition updates the world’s most comprehensive and versatile super skirmish game with a fresh new look that includes expanded attributes, new and revised powers, improved mechanics that speed play and allow for easier character design, and a new solo-play option!
SuperSystem has a little over 2 weeks until the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for the 4th edition of their game. They've got a teaser trailer posted up to help entice and excite you.


From the preview:

There are 18 days left to sign-up to Four-Color Studios mailing list, and receive a free Major Meteor miniature as a part of your Kickstarter pledge (Protector Level or higher). While you wait, check out this brief trailer featuring a cover teaser with art from Rich Yanizeski.

WarGameGuru takes a look at the SuperSystem 3rd edition rulebook and gives you their thoughts on the matter.


From the review:

While you can find more fantasy and sci-fi skirmish games out there than ever before... there's still somewhat of a lack of superhero miniatures skirmish games available. At present, and not including HeroClix, there's really only two notable products in this genre and that's SuperSystem and Pulp City.

SuperSystem has been around for years now, and it's one of the most memorable superhero skirmish games available for miniature gaming. The most current version of SuperSystem is 3rd Edition. The easiest way to obtain Supersystem 3rd Edition is to purchase the .pdf version for $10.95. There's a hard-copy version available too for $25, but it seems more elusive to find in-print.


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