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Super Camelot

Mmmmm, Saturday. It's so loving and comfortable and squishable. I just wanna hug it all day. In fact, I think I will. *warmfuzzyhugs for Saturday*
Yes, things have gotten weird already. That's how it goes sometimes. But let's get you those reviews I know you all so desperately desire.

Today we have: Bob Ross: The Art of Chill, Tradewarz, Super Camelot, Kilt Castle, Grackles, Exodus, Darkest Night 2nd Edition, Dresden Files Dead Ends and Winter Schemes Expansion, Roar: King of the Pride, House of Danger, and Imperial Settlers: We Didn’t Start The Fire Expansion.


If you're nostalgic for those Super Nintendo-era RPGs, you know, those 16-bit games where you run around on grassy fields, chopping down bushes for gems, taking out roaming monsters, and searching for treasure chests, then this game is for you. Catalyst Game Labs is running a Kickstarter for Super Camelot. Who will get the Holy Grail in the end?