Review Roundup

Erin go Bear!
I’m actually half-Irish. My grandfather on my mother’s side was actually an Irish-Catholic cop in Chicago, because stereotypes come from somewhere. So, while you’re out having your corned beef and cabbage (which is more American than Irish, but whatever), let’s also get you some reviews.

Today we have: Quest for El Dorado, Mysthea, Pandemonium, Clank: The Mummy’s Curse, Onitama, Samurai Gardener, Byzanz, Demon Trilogy: Subrosa, Barbarians: The Invasion, Dragon Keepers, The Lost Expedition, and Red7 App.

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IDW Games and March Hare announce Daemon Trilogy: Subrosa

You know, we get movie trilogies all the time. Certainly there’s plenty of book trilogies out there. And that guy from Spinal Tap’s working on his musical trilogy, but there aren’t as many game trilogies. Well, IDW Games and March Hare are looking to change that. They’ve announced the first in their Daemon Trilogy set of games. It’s called Subrosa.
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