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Studio38 helps arm your KISS army (or just whomever) with their new Sonic Weapon sprues.

Studio38 shows off a preview of Alkemy's Khaliman Republic fig. The website also helped me with my French.

What they told me that I can read without translation:
Here is a new-comer for Alkemy's Khaliman Republic: Ifrit'qaniss Suleman.
The Alkemy line, after being taken up by the French company Studio 38 presents regular news for its armies which are all available at:
Studio38 Releases Avalonian Colossus and Feng Sao for Alkemy:

From their announcement:

3 inches of pure brutality, wicked strength and a few mushrooms are now available for Avalonian warbands: the mighty Colossus is available. Would you prefer brains to muscles, the agile and deadly Feng Sao is also released, ready to blow you up!
Both can be found in the Studio38 Web store.