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Studio McVey

Well, here's something for you. CMON Ltd. has hired a true veteran of the gaming industry. Mike McVey has been working on various game projects for 30 years now. Personally, it's been cool to talk to him and hang out with him at various events such as CMON Expo and Gen Con and I'm really happy to see that he'll be around much more in the future.
Friday's almost here. I'm excited, as usual. But it's a bit extra-exciting since some new releases for The Others will be available. New resources for both the F.A.I.T.H. and the Sins players will bring new resources and challenges to your games. Will humanity be saved? Don't be too greedy about getting yours or envious of someone else's purchase.
Time is running out! The end is nigh!
That's said figuratively, in the form of what's going on in The Others, as the characters of FAITH work to thwart the Sins from bringing on the apocalypse. It's also meant literally, in the form that the Kickstarter campaign only has 12 hours to go.
Well, that didn't take long. The "soon to be unlocked stretch goals" from this morning are now "unlocked stretch goals." So all seven sins are now part of the main pledge for The Others. However, it's fighting against the sins that we're here to talk about right now. Namely, the Sons of Ragnarok are riding out to fight against the sins. They're a new box set of heroes you can add to your pledge.
The Kickstarter campaign for The Others is coming to a close soon. So, as the time gets short, that generally means the pledges start ramping up as people jump in right near the end. The campaign has made it over the $1m mark and is certain to rise by quite a bit more in these last couple days. These extra pledges are going to be unlocking the last sin for the game: Wrath.
Well, seems people were excited about the Apocalypse Box over on The Others Kickstarter. The funding has risen and now all of Envy has been unlocked. Even more than that, another hero has been unlocked with another upcoming.
It would seem those token packs were really something people wanted, as The Others Kickstarter really took off a bit yesterday. Or it could be that another new, big expansion box was added as an add-on. Probably that (though the tokens are cool). The Apocalypse is at hand with the new Apocalypse Box.
It's just over a week left for The Others: 7 Sins on Kickstarter. The Envy Controller, Cards, and Board have recently been unlocked. So that's part of the main pledge for the game now. But what about if you want something a little... fancier for your tokens? Well, this recent couple of add-ons have got you covered.
You sinful, sinful people, you. The Kickstarter campaign for The Others continues to rise as more backers join in and you add in such things like the extra Faith teams. As such, there's been some more stretch goals unlocked. They've posted up previews of what's coming up next. That would be the next sin, Envy.
As the battle against The Others gets more and more desperate, more heroes are recruited to fight to keep the world corruption-free (well, as much as you can, anyway. At least to the point where people aren't growing random tentacles and stuff). That's where the Delta Team comes in, a new add-on to The Others: Seven Sins over on Kickstarter.
Dice. We can always use more. I just bought some new ones the other day (the black Rum & Bones dice, to be specific) and when I posted a photo of them, a friend mentioned that he thinks he might have too many dice. I asked if "having too many dice is like being too ethical." Anyway, if you want to get some extra dice for your games of The Others, they have been added to the campaign. Also, thanks to that add-on, the Gamma Team, and more backers, all of the Lust set has now been unlocked.
The Sins find it fairly easy to corrupt individuals. Let's face it, everyone wants just a bit more power in their lives. As such, F.A.I.T.H. needs more than just their Alpha Team in order to keep the Sins in check (as much as they can, anyway). That's where the Gamma Team comes in. Just don't call them "only backup."
The first weekend for The Others: 7 Sins is over. The campaign only launched on Thursday, but is already more than 4x funded. Of course, that means unlocked stretch goals. There's also a pretty cool add-on for those that want to know more about the fluff of the universe that the game takes place in.
Well, seems the sinful among you, and those of pure FAITH, have taken quite a shining to The Others: 7 Sins, the new game from CoolMiniOrNot and Guillotine Games, with miniatures by Studio McVey. The game has made over $300k in their first 24 hours. As such, there's been plenty of busted stretch goals, including another Sin added to the box set.
The end is nigh!...
Err... actually, it's the beginning that's nigh!
The Others: 7 Sins, the new game from CoolMiniOrNot, Guillotine Games, and Studio McVey has launched on Kickstarter. Designed by Eric Lang, the game pits the Heroes of F.A.I.T.H. versus otherworldly creatures that are the epitome of the 7 Deadly Sins. The fate of the world is at hand. Will you save it or send it into sinful oblivion?
Are you ready, everyone? The Kickstarter for The Others: 7 Sins starts later today. There's still time, though, for Darth Nega to give us a bit more information about how the game works. Today's topics are the Story Boards and Apocalypse Track.

One thing that makes life seem fair is the existence of choice. It makes us think we've got it all and that we are responsible for our own path. But are we? Aren’t these beings corrupting everything and making humans think that they are owners of their destinies, when, in fact, Sins mold the reality so our choices actually reflect their interests and desires? Most people wouldn't own up to it, and never acknowledge that the real truth might be a lot different than what they believe. How about you? Do you still trust your own perception of reality?
Darth Nega has once again graced us with her presence and once more gives us a look inside The Others: 7 Sins. Today's update is all about corruption. I guess that makes sense coming from someone named "Darth Nega."

Sins exist to bring people to the brink, and then they fall into the abyss. They make us have desires that none should ever feel. They surpass our humanity’s threshold and forfeit our sanity, leaving us with nothing but hopeless desperation.
In The Others: 7 Sins, beings from another world are trying to infiltrate into our own. But they're not just doing it alone. They're getting help from the population of everyday people. Today, Darth Nega gives us a bit of a look into these corrupted individuals.
... Hey, should we be concerned about how much she knows about this sort of stuff!?

When you first think about what’s worse about the Earth being invaded by unimaginable creatures, one would think that the creatures itself would be the answer. However, even worse are the humans that decide to make a pact and dedicate their lives to Sin.
Welcome back, TGN Readers. As promised, Darth Nega is back once more with another look into The Others: 7 Sins. We said she knew about everything sinful. Today she proves it with a further look into a couple of the Sins. Take it away, Darth Nega!

Pride. Lust. Wrath. Envy. Greed. Gluttony. Sloth. Each with a reason to exist. And plenty of reasons to wreck every realm they might invade. The Others features the Deadly Sins as the world’s biggest nemesis and today we’re going to dive a little bit into two of them: PRIDE and SLOTH.
Today we continue our preview look at The Others: 7 Sins. We have guest writer Darth Nega (who has the inside scoop on all things sinful) with us to go over some information about the heroes of FAITH. Plus! We have the official launch date announcement, too!

“Focus. Trust the team. Ignore distractions.”
– Rocco de Curtis

To battle beings from another dimension one must have resilience, nerve, and talent. Monster-killing talent, to be more precise. These are some of the pre-requisites for joining FAITH and dealing with abominations and much more. Today we’re going to dive a little bit into these extraordinary people. They may have a little too much in common with the monsters they fight, but they’re humanity’s only hope.
Terror. Corruption. Redemption.
These are the themes of The Others: 7 Sins, the new game from Guillotine Games and Studio McVey. We’ve been seeing some pretty sweet-looking models, but now, with the Kickstarter campaign growing ever-nearer, it’s time to get some real information about the game. We talked with some of the designers as well as Eric Kelley, head writer for the game, and got them to spill a few secrets.
Terror. Corruption. Redemption.
Those are the themes of The Others, the new game from Guillotine Games and Studio McVey. We've been seeing some pretty sweet-looking models (one of which we did an unboxing for last year), but now it's time to get some real information about the game. We had such a chance here at the CMON Expo during The Others panel that just wrapped up.
Monolith Games is doing a crossover with their Conan board game and the Blood Rage Kickstarter. The Conan game will now include a scenario using models from the Blood Rage game, since they're the same scale, same theme, and heck, even have some of the same concept artists!

From the update:
Guillotine Games launched just shy of 24 hours ago and they've certainly taken no time to get through some stretch goals. There's been several new monsters added, some sculpted tokens, and each clan also has a new sculpt added to their lineup for warriors.
The campaign isn't running for a very long time. It's just until March 17. So if you want in, you'd better hurry.

From the campaign:
Guillotine Games brings out the viking in you with Blood Rage, their latest board game to hit Kickstarter. The campaign just launched. Go check it out.
The game design is from Eric Lang, creator of such games as Dice Masters, Quarriors, and the Battlestar Galactica board game. You want cool-looking minis? They're by Studio McVey, a worldwide leader in miniature creation.
Players are in charge of a viking clan trying to gain the most honor before the end of the world. It's part worker placement, part resource management, part territory acquisition. Card-based with a unique drafting mechanic for how you get your hand of cards, Blood Rage brings a lot of tactics to the tabletop.

From the campaign: