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Strontium Dog

Warlord Games has a ton of games that they make. It's just a huge catalog. And it's been a while since we've heard about a few of these, but that doesn't mean they're entirely dead and gone. In fact, Warlord Games is posting up some extra, experimental, and additional rules for them. Check out experimental rules for Konflikt '47, creating an army of monsters in Warlords of Erehwon, and creating characters for yourself in Strontium Dog.

There's just a bit of everything going on from Warlord Games today. There's new pre-orders for Strontium Dog. There's new Blood Red Skies squadrons for you to pick up. Keeping with the WWII theme, there's some Cruel Seas. More WWII, but Weird War II, there's new German heads for Konflikt '47. And there's even new Hail Caesar sets. Seriously, like I said, it's a bit of everything.

Warlord Games is headed to the fields of WWII as well as two different sections of space with this set of pre-orders and releases available over on their website. First, it's to Belgium for some Bolt Action releases. After that, they hit deep space for some Beyond the Gates of Antares kits. Finally, they come back to the year 2000AD with some Strondium Dog.

Warlord Games certainly doesn't skimp when it comes to new releases hitting their shelves. There's two pre-orders for Strontium Dog, a new unit for Bolt Action, and four Beyond the Gates of Antares kits to go over. So let's not waste any more time.

Man, Warlord Games has been busy. They've got all manner of new releases and pre-orders available over on their website. There's new plastic sets for Germany and Britain in Bolt Action. There's a new pre-order for a gang in Strontium Dog. Then there's a whole bunch of new Konflikt '47 releases for you to check out.

I feel this post could be titled, "Warlord Games Releases Everything" and it wouldn't be that far off. They've got new releases for Konflikt '47 and Bolt Action, as well as extending their Strontium Dog line with new pre-orders. So let's get to them. It's not a short list.
Strontium Dog is the latest minis game from Warlord Games. It delves back into the world of 2000 AD, and all the strange sorts of things that, uh, happened therein. You can order the rulebook, as well as various minis kits, plus markers and dice. Because everyone loves dice.
You've seen the previews, now it's time to put your name down on the list. Warlord Games has started taking pre-orders for their Strontium Dog starter set. You get the minis, you get the rulebook, and you get a whole solar farm's worth of terrain. Plus dice, cards, and everything else needed to get you hunting down those bounties immediately.
I would make a Mr. Roboto or Come Sail Away reference, but that's Styx, and these are the Stix Brothers. So that kinda ruins that fun. But still, we get a look at the three Stix Brothers coming for Strontium Dog.
In the far-off and future time of... uh... 2000AD... ... ... the world is much different than it is, uh... today.
Nuclear wastelands, mega-cities, mutants, robots, all sorts of crazy things. And Warlord is looking to bring more of it to your tabletops in Strontium Dog. In this preview, we get a look at Max Bubba's Gang.
Warlord Games is headed back to world of comics for their next miniatures game. They're taking the world of Strontium Dog and bringing it to your tabletops. They've got some preview shots up of the rulebook cover, as well as the first couple minis.