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The rain here in Atlanta seems to be bringing a lot of people down. Personally, I love me some "Guns 'N' Roses weather" (congratulations if you get the reference), and as you saw in a previous update
Stronghold Terrain will be headed to Tactica 2014 in Hamburg next weekend. Will you be there?SourceFrom the announcement:Like last year we will be at the TACTICA in Hamburg at the 22. – 23. of Februar
Stronghold Terrain gives you more options with your terrain with the release of their new Water Well piece.SourceFrom the release:Our new Water Well is now available.With the friendly support of Steph
Stronghold Terrain have some new previews up of a Dark Age Cottage and some Handgunners they're working on that will be available soon.SourceFrom the preview:Dark Age Cottage advance orderAfter the Da
Stronghold Terrain is taking down names of those of you gamers who want their upcoming Dark Age Barn terrain piece as soon as it's made available.SourceFrom the announcement:The Dak Age Barn is our fi
Stronghold Terrain will be headed to Crisis in Belgium again this year. I wish I was going. Will you be there?They've also got a preview up for a dark age barn they've been working on.SourceFrom the a
Stronghold-Terrain helps keep the elements out of your little mans buildings with new roofs.From the announcement:STRONGHOLD TERRAIN: New roofs releasedWe did some redesign on the Tavern and the Guild
Stronghold Terrain now has their Outhouse & Miniature available as well as a new type of basing material.Note: The mini is a guy on the john. You've been warned.STRONGHOLD TERRAIN: Outhouse & Miniatur
Stronghold Terrain has another terrain piece they're previewing over on their website. It's the Outhouse and Miniature (Thinker pose).Yeah, it's a guy on the john. I'll let you decide if you want to g
Stronghold Terrain is headed to Crisis 2012 and can bring along your order with them if you'd like.After 6 six years we are more than happy to announce that we are again heading to the Crisis 2012.If
Stronghold-Terrain released their Stonewall Gate set. Keep what's in in and what's out out.From the release:The Stone Wall Gate is now available.It comes with a different plastic fence design. If you
Brueckenkopf Online put up a review of the Breeding Pool made by Stronghold Terrain. See what they thought about it (if you know or can translate German, that is).From them to you:Following the town h
Stronghold Terrain is showing off a preview of their upcoming Stone Wall Gate terrain piece.From the preview:We received a lot of Feedback concerning our Stone Walls and that a Gate is missing.Thank y
Stronghold Terrain now has their outhouse terrain piece available.And I refuse to make a potty joke here.From the announcement:Stronghold Terrain: Outhouse ReleasedOur new Outhouse is now available at
Stronghold Terrain just couldn't hold it in any longer and had to preview their Outhouse 2.0.From the preview:This is a massive Redesign of our Outhouse.It comes with a working door full interior and
Stronghold Terrain previewed this shed a little while back. Well now you, yourself, can have it on your gaming table.From the release:Stronghold Terrain: Old Shed releasedNow Stronghold Terrain become
Stronghold Terrain previewed these a little while back and now they're available for sale.From the update:The Stone Wall products are now available.Take a look at our Online Store.Stone Wall Set: thre
Brueckenkopf did an unboxing and review of Stronghold-Terrain's Townhouse terrain set. Check it out (in German).A little snippet:Another review this week on Brueckenkopf Online, covering this time the
Stronghold Terrain will have a new shed coming out soon and they wanted to show it off ahead of time so you can get excited about it, or even make a pre-order for it.From the preview:Now Stronghold Te
Stronghold Terrain has a preview up of their new Stone Walls that will be available very soon.Though they're a bit more "stone and iron gating walls" than just pure stone walls, if you ask me.From the
Stronghold Terrain has released those burning barrels terrain pieces we previewed a while back. Also, Graven Games did a review of their pieces. Have a look at both.From them to you:Now the Burning Ba
Stronghold-Terrain is quickly becoming your source for on-fire terrain pieces. Their next will be Burning Barrels which the preview is right here:From the preview:Stronghold-Terrain: Burning Barrels P
Stronghold-Terrain previewed these a little bit ago. Well, the waiting is over and you can now order their burning tyres (sic) for yourself!From them to you:Now the Burning Tyres are released.You will
Stronghold-Terrain gives you more opportunities to make your models and terrain look great with their new weathering and basing materials.From the update:We recently expanded our product range of Basi
Stronghold Terrain has their sandbag terrain pieces now available on their website.From the update:Now our Sandbag Emplacement is available.It comes in 9 pieces (54 cm long, Resin), is modular so you