Team Yankee: Stripes Releasing Now

Team Yankee looks at what WWIII might look like as the forces of NATO go against the Soviets on the fields of Europe. This week, the Stripes book came out, adding to the American forces. This new book can be picked up now. Next week, we'll be seeing new versions of several American units, including Harriers, Abrams tanks, and AA options.

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Battlefront Posts a Look Inside the Stripes Book for Team Yankee

WWIII is not currently happening. Let's do our best to keep it that way, eh? I don't really want Team Yankee to turn into a modern game, as opposed to just post-modern-sci-fi. So, for the meantime, these are just figurative, uh, figures. And in the Stripes book, Battlefront expands the U.S. options. Take a look at what you'll get, and a bit more about items in this book.

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