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Strategic Elite

When you want to make a game as clean as possible, you gotta make sure all the strange grey areas in the rules are worked out. Having a development team can help, but in the end, they'll only find so much. Having more eyes on a project means more things will be found. That's why Strategic Elite is running a global playtest for their The Sword Marches skirmish game.

Strategic Elite knows the best place to beat the summer heat is at the miniatures gaming table. To help out, they're having a big sale on both their Brink of Battle and Epic Heroes rulebooks in pdf. Brink of Battle lets you play in any historical period, using any historical army, against any other historical army you want. As for Epic Heroes, that's the fantasy miniatures rules for those that like dwarves, and elves, and magic, and stuff in your games.
Strategic Elite has decided that they will continue publishing Brink of Battle exclusively through Lulu. If you want to get your copies of the game in pdf., you can do so right away, but print versions of the game will be halted temporarily as Strategic Elite decides on how they exactly what to go through with things on Lulu.


From the announcement:

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