Shards of Infinity Card Game Now Available

Stone Blade Entertainment’s latest deck-building game is now available. In Shards of Infinity, players are lookign to collect together all the pieces of the destroyed Infinity Engine. The one that can bring it all together will be like a god. Obviously, with such a prize, you’re really going to have to fight for it. Recruit followers and attack your opponent in order to show you’re the most worthy.
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Stone Blade Entertainment Announces Shards of Infinity Card Game

Stone Blade Entertainment makes one of my favorite games. Ascension is the only deck-builder game I really collect, but it looks like I might be looking into a new one. Stone Blade’s announced a new deck-building game they’ve been developing for a couple years. They’re ready to let us all in on the fun. Check out Shards of Infinity.
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Ascension: Year 4 Collector’s Set Available For Pre-Order

Ascension is one of my favorite card games. I bring it to just about any gaming get-together I go to. Easy to teach. Fun to play. And quite a lot of sets to choose from. If you’re looking to catch up, or you’re a rabid fan who wants cool, foil-y cards, you’ll want to order the Year 4 Collector’s Set. It’s got all the sets that came out in the 4th year of the game, including promos, and a combined rulebook, plus more. Pre-orders are being taken now.
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Ascension: Valley of the Ancients Now Available

The latest set for Ascension, the fantasy deck-building game, is now available. If you weren’t able to get a copy at Gen Con (I did, hehehehe), now you can get one for yourself. This set is called Valley of the Ancients and it brings in several new abilities such as Echo and Serenity, as well as Temples, which will pass from player to player during the game.
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Review Roundup

Hey everyone. We’ve made it around to another weekend. I said I was going to probably be doing some baking. Well, I’ve got some magic cookie bars cooling right now. I love these things… probably too much… *looks at my stomach* … definitely too much.
But issues with my waistline aside, I hope you’re having a good weekend so far. I’m sure many of you are out gaming, which is awesome. But if you’re stopping by here, I know it’s because you want to check out those gaming reviews I know you all so desperately desire.

So, as I sip on a Pineapple Crush and wait for these bars to finish cooling, today we have: The Walking Dead: All Out War, Exit the Game, Legendary: X-Men Expansion, Orleans, Quantum, Race for the Galaxy App, First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet, Serengeti, Stone Age, Maze Racers, Purrrlock Holmes: Furriarty’s Trail, Memoarrr!, The Goonies Adventure Card Game, Photosynthesis, Incantris, Hafid’s Grand Bazaar, Ascension X: War of Shadows, Fate of the Elder Gods, and The Champion of the Wild.

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Ascension: Valley of the Ancients Available For Pre-Order

Honestly, I didn’t have a huge “to buy” list for Gen Con. A couple miniatures from Steamforged. Some cool dice. And the newest Ascension set from Stone Blade Entertainment. I’m happy to say that I was able to get everything I wanted. But for those of you that couldn’t get to the show (or got to the Ultra-Pro booth after they sold out), you can get your Valley of the Ancients set as soon as it’s available by pre-ordering now.
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Stone Blade Entertainment Previews New Ascension Expansion

Those of you long-time readers of TGN know that, along with giant robots, one of my gaming obsessions is the deck-building game, Ascension. I currently have about 95% of all the available cards for the game, only missing a couple of the promos. Well, soon I’ll have a whole new expansion to learn, as Gift of the Elements has been announced, and we get a look at some of the cards in this preview.
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Review Roundup

The holiday season is well and truly upon us. It’s the last weekend before Christmas and all through the house, my D&D group had to cancel because everyone had last-minute stuff come up due to the holiday and the end of the year :/ … But waddyagonnado? Me? I’m gonna probably bake some cookies and just chill, watching some Christmas movies, including MST3K’s Manos, the Hand of Fate. Why is that a Christmas movie? Because it’s in the same 2-disk box with Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. But that’s me.

As for the exact moment, it’s time to get you a bunch of reviews.

Today we have: Mythos Tales, BattleGoats, Murder at Blood Mansion, Timeline: British History, The Refuge, Ice Cool, You Gotta Be Kitten Me, Colony, CVlizations, Star Wars: Destiny, Pocket Madness, The King’s Armory, La Granja: No Siesta, Escape Room: the Game, Ponzi Scheme, Doom: The Board Game, Deathwatch: Overkill, and Blood Bowl (2016 Edition).

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You Gotta Be Kitten Me Now Available

Fuzzy puppies and kittens!
That’s what my gaming group decided a character said when the player, in a bit of confusion from lack of sleep, said, “My character says something comforting.” and left it at that. I mean, wouldn’t you want a bunch of fuzzy puppies and kittens? I know I would. Sadly, I don’t have the means to get a bunch of fuzzy puppies and kittens, except when it comes to You Gotta Be Kitten Me from Stone Blade Entertainment, whose official launch day is today.
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Stone Blade Entertainment You Gotta Be Kitten Me Card Game

So, maybe not as big of news as being now teamed up with Ultra Pro, Stone Blade Entertainment does have themselves another announcement to make. This time around it’s a new card game called You Gotta Be Kitten Me. It involves really cute animals (not just kittens) wearing hats, bow ties, glasses, and stuff like that. It’s cute!
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Ultra Pro Acquires Rights to Stone Blade Entertainment’s Portfolio

As I said, not all the news is happening right on the convention floor. Along with the announcement about Zombicide, there’s another partnership agreement to talk about. This time it’s Stone Blade Entertainment, makers of Bad Beets and Ascension (among others), and Ultra Pro (you know, the card company that’s been around forever it seems). Ultra Pro will be taking over publishing, marketing, and promotion for all of Stone Blade Entertainment’s tabletop properties.
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Ascension X: War of Shadows Now Available

It would seem that the wars on New Vigil are even throwing the regular cycle of night and day out of order. A shadowy evil is looking to plunge everything into eternal darkness. Heroes from the four factions (Lifebound, Mechanica, Void, and Enlightened) are gathering together to battle against this new foe. That’s the story behind the latest Ascension expansion, War of Shadows, which is now available.
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Buddy, You Got the Time? A review of War of Shadows

Hello, everyone. My name’s Polar Bear and I’m an Ascension junkie.
“Hi, Polar Bear.”
I have every boxed expansion that’s come out for the game as well as most of the promo cards as well. So when I saw that Stone Blade Entertainment was coming out with a new set at Origins, but I wasn’t going to be at Origins, I called up my friend who was going to be at the show and had him pick me up one.

They got back earlier this week and I got my copy. So, as it’s my thing to do, I decided to give you a review of it.

So double check whether it’s AM or PM. It’s time for another TGN Review. This time it’s Ascension: War of Shadows from Stone Blade Entertainment.
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Stoneblade Entertainment Taking Pre-Orders For Ascension X: War of Shadows

New Vigil seemed like it was going to be nice and peaceful for a bit. But such is not the case, as the creatures from the Void once more look to cause all sorts of havoc. Only the realm’s heroes will be able to turn the tide. And with new challenges comes new opportunities. Be it brightest day or darkest night… wait, wrong universe there. Anyway, Stoneblade Entertainment has started taking pre-orders for their latest Ascension set, War of Shadows.
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Life is but a Dreamscape – A Review of Ascension: Dreamscape from Stone Blade Entertainment

I think it was about five years ago or so that I was first introduced to deckbuilding games. It was on the Wednesday before Gen Con. I’d met up with some friends. We went back to their hotel room and they showed me a couple them, starting with Dominion. Deckbuilding games were still rather new at the time. The one that I immediately latched onto and was Ascension by Stone Blade Entertainment (at the time called Gary Games). All this time and a whole bunch of sets later, I’m still excited about the game.


So, what keeps me coming back? Well, it’d be the new special “themes” that each set comes out with. The Dreamscape set just came out and the fellows over at Stone Blade were kind enough to send me a set to try out.

You’ll want to stay awake for this one. It’s time for another TGN Review. This time it’s the Dreamscape set for Ascension from Stone Blade Entertainment.
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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

Hello there, all you gaming friends out there in gamer-land! Seems for the moment that it’s actually going to be a bit winter-like here in Atlanta. At least for a couple days. No, it’s not like the winters I remember in Chicago, but if we had a winter like that down here, this place would never dig out of that. The whole state would shut down until June. It would be a nightmare.

However, a blizzard’s-worth of reviews here today is just fine. (Because transitions!)

Today we’ve got articles on: X-Wing Miniatures Game, Star Wars Armada, Imperial Assault, Conflict of Heroes – The Eastern Front Solo Expansion, Queen’s Necklace, Terrakami Games Sci-Fi Containers, Crusader A15 by Rubicon Models, Bountytown, Between Two Cities, Bad Beets, Ultimate Warriorz, Jamaica, The Gallerist, Mombasa, Ninja Camp, Shakespeare, Cthulhu Realms, Eternal Dynasty, Outer Earth, Fool’s Gold, and Dark Age Z.

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New Year Two Collector’s Edition And Dreamscape Expansion Available For Ascension

When games have been out for a while, sometimes it can be difficult for new players to know quite where to start. Or, long-time gamers for the system might want to get something special for the game. The fellows over at Stone Blade Entertainment have you covered. They have their Year Two Collector’s Edition of Ascension now available. Also, for those that have everything for Ascension (such as me), they have a new expansion available. This one’s called Dreamscape.
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Stone Blade Entertainment Holiday Sales Happening Now

Yesterday I went over to my friend Gene’s place. I’ve known him for quite a long time. My ex and his wife used to work together. Now Gene and I are in the same D&D group. When we’re not pretending we’re dwarves or half-orcs, we also enjoy playing Ascension. And, in fact, yesterday we played many hands. Several were won/lost by only a single point. Anyway, Stone Blade Entertainment is having a sale on not just Ascension, but also their other games this weekend.
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TGN Review: They’re Nature’s Candy, You Know – A Review of Bad Beets

When I was growing up, every year we’d plant a vegetable garden back behind the garage. There would be some herbs, tomatoes, carrots, and several other items. One of those other items was beets. So when they were ready, we would always have fresh beets as a side dish for dinner. I grew up loving beets. However, having since had canned beets, I can see how others might not have such a fond memory of this clothes-staining root. Let’s face it, a lot of people don’t like eating their vegetables, and so I can see why a game could end up with a premise such as Bad Beets has.


Well, the fellows over at Stone Blade Entertainment gave us a copy and so it’s time to dig into another TGN Review. This time it’s Bad Beets by Stone Blade Entertainment.
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Review Roundup

Hey there, TGN readers. It’s time again for another Review Roundup.

So without further ado, today we have reviews of: Dark Tales, Litko Age of Sigmar Tokens review, Deadzone Contagion Expansion, LUGU, Cacao, The Burning Wheel RPG, Rhino Hero, Bad Beets, Spyfall, and Systema Gaming Base-0 Level 1 and 2 Walkways.

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Bad Beets Now Available

Bad Beets, it’s not what old-school hip-hop listeners think of the state of music today, it’s the new bluffing card game from Stone Blade Entertainment. They’ve been showing off the game a lot lately, including during Gen Con, where I got a chance to try it out and talk with Justin Gary all about it, and now you can pick up a copy for yourself.
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Gen Con Interview with Justin Gary of Stone Blade Entertainment

Day 1 of Gen Con has been an absolute whirlwind. It feels like 3 days have already gone by. But no, it’s just one. The show is a great time to sit down with some of the game companies in attendance and find out what they’ve been working on. One that I’ve been visiting a couple years in a row has been Justin Gary, the President of Stone Blade Entertainment (SBE). Ascension is on of my favorite games and one that I play most-often. So it’s always great to try and pry bits of information about what’s coming up for it. But it’s not just Ascension this year from Stone Blade. We’ve got Bad Beets. Not only did I get a little info about the game, I got a full demo. Check out below to see how the game plays.
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Stone Blade Entertainment’s New Game Bad Beets Announced

Today at the GAMA Trade Show 2015 in Las Vegas, Stone Blade Entertainment announced Bad Beets, its first physical release since the successful Ascension deck-building franchiseWhereas Ascension was very much targeted toward the established gamer, Bad Beets takes the approach of being a casual, family game designed for anyone and everyone to have fun with. Gateway games seem to be a popular trend among companies as of late (for good reason), and Stone Blade seems to have recognized the benefit of having an easy to access game for anyone to try.

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The Ascension: Year One Collector’s Edition Is Here

Stone Blade Entertainment has released their Ascension: Year One Collector’s Edition over in their webshop. The set includes all the sets and promo sets from the first year of the game’s release, all in one box. The cards also are done up in foil, which is pretty neat. Many of them also have new, alternate artwork from the original version.
There’s only a limited number of these, so if you want one, you’d better hurry.


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TGN Interview with Justin Gary from Stone Blade Entertainment

Stone Blade Entertainment’s Justin Gary was kind enough to sit down with me while at GenCon 2014 and talk a bit about the latest releases for Ascension and Sol Forge, plus a bit about where they’re headed with future Ascension expansions.


We even got a sneak peek at some other fun stuff they’ve got in the works.


So grab your Militia and shuffle up your deck. It’s time for another TGN Interview.
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Play Unplugged Review – Rat King and Rat Queen Theme Packs (Ascension)

Play Unplugged has a new MTV Viewer’s Choice Award-winning review up. This time it’s the Rat King and Rat Queen mini-expansion packs for Ascension.



From the post:

Pass the cheese and mind the traps; here comes the Rat King and Queen for the Ascension deck-building game from Stone Blade Entertainment. Can Play Unplugged’s Enrico Nardini survive the infestation?

Stone Blade Entertainment announces new expansion for Ascension

Stone Blade Entertainment has announced a new expansion for Ascension.



From the announcement:

Just this week, the first boxes of Realms Unraveled finally made their way to our warehouse. We know you’ve all been waiting a long time for a new Ascension set, and believe us – so have we! We’re thrilled that we’ve finally gotten past all of the production and shipping delays that have kept Realms Unraveled out of your hands for far too long. But your wait is nearly at an end! Realms Unraveled is officially slated to release on June 18th – which means it’s time to start showing you the cards!

Realms Unraveled revolves around Adayu, the Dreamer, and his decent into madness. But I’ll let the story at the start of the rulebook speak for itself…

Stone Blade Entertainment hiring Senior Web Developer

Stone Blade Entertainment, maker of Ascension, is looking for a Senior Web Developer.
Are you the right person for the job?


From the headhunter page:

Candidates must have:

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent training
4+ years web development experience
Superior skills in programming for the web, including use of HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, AJAX, and JSON
Experience with content management systems such as WordPress
Superior written and verbal communication skills
A history of top quality work: sites which are a pleasure both to use and to work on
Experience in a high-availability, world-facing environment

Strong candidates also have experience with:

Web server administration, particularly on Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP (LAMP)- Nginx experience a plus
e-Commerce, particularly WooCommerce
Creating mobile-friendly interfaces
Integration with external services such as Facebook, PayPal, Google+, or Amazon

Stone Blade Entertainment announces new entry-level starter for Ascension

Stone Blade Entertainment has a new preview up for their next Ascension expansion. They’ve also announced a new entry-level starter set for the game.

From the update:

In addition to Darkness Unleashed, we’re going to be releasing another new set this summer – the Ascension Apprentice Edition. Unlike Darkness Unleashed, though, Apprentice Edition is aimed at newer players – it’s a 110-card set built to be an introductory experience for two players. We wanted to offer a way for players to try out Ascension at a cheaper entry point than usual sets, so we’re offering the new Apprentice Edition for only $9.99.

TGN Interview with Justin Gary from Stone Blade Entertainment

When getting together materials for our recent review of Ascension: Rise of Vigil from the lovely folks over at Stone Blade Entertainment, it was offered to have a chat with Ascension’s creator and Stone Blade Entertainment’s founder, Justin Gary. Since, as I’d mentioned in the review, Ascension is my favorite game that exists right now, I was thrilled at the chance of talking about the game with its creator.

So here we have an interview with Justin Gary, creator of Ascension and founder of Stone Blade Entertainment.

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Stone Blade Entertainment previews first card from Ascension: Darkness Unleashed

Stone Blade Entertainment shows off the first preview card from their next Ascension deck-building game expansion, Darkness Unleashed and lets us know about Transform, a new mechanic for the game.

Note: Tomorrow we’ll have an interview posted up with Justin Gary, head of Stone Blade Entertainment and creator of Ascension.

From the preview:

Hello Ascension fans, and welcome to the first in our series of previews for the upcoming set, Darkness Unleashed. Darkness Unleashed is the expansion to Rise of Vigil and picks up where that set left off, building on the Energize mechanic and giving players all new ways to take advantage of it.

TGN Review: Ascension: Rise of Vigil expansion

Ascension, by Stone Blade Entertainment, has been rather successful as one of the new genre of games, the Deck-Builder. Their most recent expansion, Rise of Vigil, came to me the other day (I was happy. I did a little dance). So here’s my review.

And here we go with Ascension: Rise of Vigil.

Rise of Vigil is the latest expansion for Stone Blade Entertainment’s Ascension deck-building game. The set continues the ongoing story of the world of Vigil and the struggle of good versus evil, the players picking up the mantle of heroes who must recruit others and acquire powerful constructs in order to defeat the monsters that threaten the populace.
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Play Unplugged Review – Ascension: Rise of Vigil

Play Unplugged unboxed Rise of Vigil before. Now they’re giving you the full review.
And I still need to pick up that expansion…

From the review:

Deck building games continue to be massively popular among tabletop gaming enthusiasts, and one that has ascended to the top of the genre is Ascension. Designed by card game veteran Justin Gary, Ascension debuted with Chronicle of the Godslayer. Sporting easy to learn, but deeply strategic game play, along with Eric Sabee’s unique and attractive artwork, the Ascension franchise of games has continued to grow, and Rise of Vigil is the fifth game in the series.