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Stoelzel's Structures

I hope everyone had a great International TableTop Day yesterday. Though, of course, the spirit of International TableTop Day is with us always, and we should celebrate as often and with as many peopl
Stoelzel's Structures brings a new terrain kit to your tabletop with their Modular Urban Construction Kit 3: After The Bomb. The creation of this set is to coincide with the upcoming Super-hero Dinosa
Stoelzel's Structures has some brand new forums they've rolled out. Go check 'em out and join the community chatter.SourceFrom the announcement:We apologize for the move, but were forced off the old l
Stoelzel's Structures has released their new Blue Giant terrain set over on Wargame Vault.SourceFrom the release:The Blue Giant is a print yourself terrain project to build a space ship or space stati
Stoelzel's Structures gives you more terrain options for your western-themed games with the release of their Wild West: The Fatal Frontier terrain line pdfs.SourceFrom the release:Stoelzel's Structure
Stoelzel's Structure has had their minions busy building a new wing on their Modular Evil Lair. The 3rd section is now available.SourceFrom the post:5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 - LAUNCH CODES ARE… GO!Our reside
Stoelzel's Structures has released their new Haunted Home: Scott Manor pdf for you to be able to download and use in your gaming sessions.From the release:Horror house, the haunted hallows, murder man
Stoelzel's Structures released a new terrain pdf to help enhance your gaming experience. This one's the Coreville Train Set.From the release:Welcome to the Coreville train depot, on the seedier edge o
Stoelzel's Structures adds to their terrain line with their new downloadable Pullman's Diner piece.From the release:“Word of advice, bring your own silverware”The Pullman’s diner is a quaint dining ca
Stoelzel's Structures gives your little mans a place to do their shopping with the release of their new modular shopping mall terrain piece.From the release:The Urban Blight Developers company has bee
Stoelzel's Structures gives your little mans a place to stop and have some lunch with their new Brummie's Burgers terrain piece.From the release:A word of thanks to all of our forum members for partic
Stoelzel's Structures has some more paper terrain pieces available now.From the release:From the edge of the historic district of Olde Towne, on the roads leading the outlaying rural communities, is t
Stoelzel's Structures has some new paper terrain available for you. This set's the Historic District: Undeveloped Real Estate.From the release:“Hittin’ the olde streets of olde towne”Stoelzel’s Struct
Stoelzel's Structures is giving away one of their downloadable terrain pieces for free. It's free. Why not go and get it?From them to you:This derelict commercial building was left vacant over a decad
Stoezel's Structures has their next Modular Urban Center kit available: Raising the Roof.Ow! Ow! *dances*From the release:The urban center has been growing and growing, and with develop-able real esta
Stoelzel's Structures gives us a look at their expansion to their Modular Lair: Living Better.