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Steve Jackson Games

Steven Jackson Games is bringing one of their classic titles back to the tabletop with an all-new look and a partnership with Paizo. Revolution is coming in the form of Pathfinder Revolution. You can
Steve Jackson Games recently brought back The Fantasy Trip, their fantasy RPG system. If you've not managed to get a group together yet, that's no big deal, because Till Death do us Part is a solo adv
Battle Game Mat -3X Double Sided Battle Board
"Bookmarks and dice? Shouldn't that be a Snippet?" Yes, but actually no. Why? Because those that know know that Munchkin bookmarks are as much legal cards for the game as a regular card. So, it's like
You've geared up like a boss. You're ready to take on monsters like a boss. Why would you want to fight any kind of monster other than a boss? That's what you get in Munchkin Bosses, a new mini-expans
Two great games that play great together. Steve Jackson Games has combined Munchkin and Farkle into Munchkin Farkle. This new variant is available now.
The life of a baby doesn't seem so bad. Lay around. Sleep. Eat. Lay around some more. Get as quickly as possible to Level 10 to beat the other babies. Ok, that last one might only happen in Munchkin B
"I'm Batman!" I mean, I guess you could say that whenever. But if you're playing Munchkin Batman, you can definitely say it. The new expansion for the classic card game, Munchkin, is up on Kickstarter
It's looking like we might start getting back to some kind of semblance of normal this year as several shows are looking to happen again. One such is FnordCon from Steve Jackson Games. Pre-registratio
A new Munchkin set is coming soon to Kickstarter. This time, it's the Dark Knight and his rogues gallery as Steve Jackson Games brings you Munchkin Batman.
It's Wednesday, but it's also Kinda Friday, as I'm starting my vacation this afternoon. But don't worry, there'll still be TGN. But I'm also going to be casually lounging around, snacking on all sorts
The Generic Universal Role-Playing System (aka - GURPS) is at it again. This time around, they're bringing you Girl Genius, the hugely popular comic series, straight to your tabletop. The project blen
Steve Jackson Games is always looking to get you more game for your buck. And they're looking to bring you a ton of GURPS content all in one swift go. They're running their 2021 PDF Challenge up on Ki
Been sitting around thinking, "Aw man. There's nothing to do this weekend. It's gonna be boring!" Well, I've got great news for you! Steve Jackson Games is running their FnordCon Virtual 3 this weeken
Three gaming icons are coming together to give you a bunch of new monsters to fight, heroes to level, and doors to kick down. Steve Jackson Games, The OP Games, and Critical Role are happy to present
GURPS was actually one of the first RPG systems I learned back... oh... a hundred years ago. As such, though I haven't played it in probably 95 years, it still holds a soft space in my heart. If you'r
Kick down the door. Defeat the monsters. Grab the loot. Level up. That's the goal in Munchkin, and fans of the game as well as some of the most beloved animated characters of all time will be happy to
Kick open the door. Defeat the monster (hopefully). Grab the loot. Level up. That's the goal of Munchkin, the tongue-in-cheeck card game from Steve Jackson Games. Two new sets are available to pre-ord
Munchkin is the long-running card game of kicking down the door, defeating the monsters, and grabbing the loot. Soon, a new entry to the catalog will be released. It's Munchkin: Critical Role and it b
Munchkin Dungeon lets players explore the Munchkin universe in a new way, moving their figures ever downward through the twisting halls of the dungeon board. Tomorrow, there will be a whole bunch of n
Grab your unnatural axe and head down into the dungeon. It's time to kick some doors, beat up some monsters, and grab the loot. Munchkin Dungeon is coming this Friday from CMON and Steve Jackson Games
The continued partnership between The OP Games and Steve Jackson Games when it comes to new versions of Munchkin is taking another step forward. This time around, it's a pretty big step, too. The OP G
What? A gaming convention? We're not supposed to go to those!
Most of us are stuck inside. And while game sales is cool, it will still take a while for those games to get here. However, if you've got a printer, you can get a copy of The Fantasy Trip: Melee and s
Tanks the size of city blocks that are an army unto themselves. That's what an OGRE is. Steve Jackson's game of sci-fi combat is getting a new wave of figures in the form of two inconic vehicles. Wave
Car Wars. I remember playing it way back in the day, long ago at The Fantasy Shop St. Charles. It was a game that was always all about making the craziest vehicles you could... and then ramming them h