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Steamforged Games

Steamforged is bringing you more content for your Horizon Zero Dawn board game. They've begun taking pre-orders for the upcoming The Sacred Land set. Five new enemy types and two new hunters to track
Steamforged has a new Epic Encounter pack available to order over in their webshop. This time, you're facing off not just a single undead, but a whole arena full of them. Head over and get your name o
Steamforged is bringing more action to your D&D games with another new Epic Encounters box. This time around, it's the Tower of the Lich Empress. You can get your name on the list now so you can b
A devout protector of the forest, Kailinn is heading to the battlefields of Godtear to keep them safe from outside harm. You can order this new Champion set now over in the Steamforged Games webshop.
The menace grows. Monsters are killing innocents left and right. Will you be able to make it out alive? One of the most popular video game series is coming to your tabletops with Resident Evil 3: The
Buccaw! Look to the skies and you'll see a mechanized terror coming at you. It's the Stormbird and it's about to land right on your tabletops in the Horizon Zero Dawn board game from Steamforged. You
Kickstarters come and Kickstarters go. Sometimes, you mean to get in on one but something happens. No big deal as long as there's a Late Pledge period. And for Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea, ther
Death comes for us all. But some think that that's not the end. Necromancers are like, "hey, just because you're dead doesn't mean you can't be useful." And it's a powerful, new necromancer that's com
The enlightened animals are back again. Painting Polygons has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for The Faraway Sea, their new campaign guide for their Animal Adventures line. With new animals joi
If you're a fan of the color blue, hedgehogs, or going really fast, then you'll want to check out Steamforged's latest foray into bringing a video game to your tabletop. It's Sonic: The Card Game. Rac
Steamforged Games has started taking pre-orders for the next expansion for the Horizon Zero Dawn board game. It's called The Sacred Land and it adds new enemy types, new hunters, new terrain tiles, an
When you've got just 1 or 2 around, goblins aren't so much a problem. But when you get a lot together, it can be an issue. Get one of them in charge and things can go from bad to worse quickly. And th
The folks at Painting Polygons are looking to bring you more from their world of enlightened animals. Their new Kickstarter campaign will be for The Faraway Sea, a new campaign guide which will, of co
Steamforged is bringing you another video game to your tabletops. This time around, it's Monster Hunter World. Their Kickstarter campaign was a big success, but if you missed out, there's still a chan
Steamforged Games is getting slithery with their two new Epic Encounters packs for D&D. They're Chambers of the Serpent Folk and Temple of the Snake God and you can get your name on the list to ge
Steamforged Games is really making a name for itself converting your favorite video games into board games. Their latest addition to this line is Horizon Zero Dawn. It was up on Kickstarter. And now i
Sure, Blue Oyster Cult told you to not fear the Reaper. However, that's a lot easier said than done when you're out on the Godtear battlefield. Steamforged Games has started taking pre-orders for Styx
Raise your banners high. A new champion box for Godtear is available to order from Steamforged Games. It's the Helena, the Inspiration of Hope set. You can head over and get yours ready to ship to you
Monster Hunter World is a fan-favorite video game of going out and finding the most dangerous creatures out there and bringing them down. Soon, you'll be able to bring that action to your tabletop wit
Well... this makes me feel old... Resident Evil 2 is 25 years old. Yeah... yeah... So... in light of that, Steamforged is having a 25% off sale their entire Resident Evil 2: The Board Game line over i
Steamforged Games has a lot on their docket for the year. What all are they working on and how far have they come on various projects? That's just what you get to see in this post about their previews
Snakes? Why'd it have to be snakes? Well, because snakes are cool and they're often what adventurers find themselves fighting against. And there'll be even more (and really, really big ones) when the
The 20s were a heyday for gangsters, each one trying to do their part for their gang and prove that they're the best. That's what you'll be trying to do in Peaky Blinders: Faster Than Truth, a new com
The Kickstarter concert might be over for Bardsung, but the encore is just beginning. Steamforged Games has started taking late pledges for their new fantasy board game over on their website. Head ove
Articifers make their own friends, literally. Why go out and talk to strangers when you can just build a friend for yourself? That's what Maxen, the new articifer champion for Godtear does. You can he