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Starship Samurai

Woooooo! Saturdaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I started my weekend off with some D&D, and that's actually what I'm doing again now (through the miracle of future-scheduling posts). But no matter what you're doing, I know you're here to check out some reviews. So, while my Bard is hopefully not getting stabbed to death, let's see what we've got this week.

We have: Starship Samurai, Tofu Kingdom, Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, My First Stone Age, Fae, Duhr: The Lesser Houses, HOPE, Dwarves with Swords, and Hero Master.

We've got another giant robot alert, everyone! Please try and stay calm! Plaid Hat Games has announced a new expansion for Starship Samurai, their spacefaring giant robot game. In this case, it's Shattered Alliances and it brings two new giant robots to the game. Along with the pair of new figures, there's also 40 new action cards that any player can use to trade out in their decks. Customization is key.

A good military relies on accurate, appropriate, and quickly-issued orders. How can you take on the enemy with disarray as your military strategy? That's never going to work. In this preview of Starship Samurai, Plaid Hat Games gives us a look at how Orders work in the game, and how choosing the right order at the right time will make all the difference.
Plaid Hat Games recently announced that they were coming out with a new sci-fi board game called Starship Samurai. And, I mean, it's giant robots fighting in outer space, so you know it's got my attention. But the giant robots, alone, aren't enough to make me want to get the game. I need to know more. I need to know how it plays. Thankfully, that's just what Plaid Hat is giving us a little preview of today.