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With the quarantine going on, people are trying to figure out more ways that they can game while socially isolating. Paizo is here to help with their new Starfinder interactive game that you can play
Paizo loves to give you new content whenever they come out with new releases (beyond just the release itself, of course). In this case, they have a new encounter for Starfinder that will use their new
Paizo's looking to bring more content to Starfinder and they're wanting your help to make sure it all integrates smoothly. They've launched a playtest campaign so you can try out a new class as well a
We're a week away from Gen Con Online. All the companies are getting their stuff together for the show and posting up when you should tune in. Paizo's got plenty going on, of course, including live-st
Paizo loves to give you all looks into what they're coming out with for their games in an interesting way. Instead of just a regular old preview, they'll give you new content for your game that you ca
Paizo and WizKids have had a very successful partnership with their Pathfinder Battles figure sets. Now, they're doing the same with Starfinder. There's two new sets out, one for villains and one for
"More options." It's the one thing that almost every gamer can agree on that they want for their RPGs. Be it more backgrounds or ancestries or weapons or adventures or monsters. Well, Paizo is here to
In this time of COVID-19, conventions are going digital. It's been a big adjustment for everyone, but hey, if we can still have conventions in some form, it's better than having no conventions at all.
Gen Con is going to be virtually awesome this year, literally. The show's moved online and brought a lot of things with it, including events. In this instance, Paizo's letting us in on how their event
A whole new batch of releases are available from Paizo. Both Pathfinder and Starfinder have quite a lot going on, with new adventures, new accessories, new tile packs, and more. Have yourselves a look
Paizo is coming out with new Starfinder minis. In this post, we get a look at 6 non-randomized figures that are coming together in one pack representing various heroes that could potentially be flying
It's the third year of the Starfinder Society. If you've been playing along in the official events, great! But even if you're not, you can still use the material for your own games to enhance everyone
Want to try out some new Starfinder rules? Want to help make the game better? Want to pilot a-<whoop! whoop! whoop!>Yup, that's the Giant Robot Alert. Want to pilot your own giant robot? Well, y
So, we've had Pathfinder minis for quite a while now. But the first batch of Starfinder figures are still in the works. However, they are just about done and Paizo wanted to show off what these new fi
Ah yes, Free RPG Day, where companies produce cool items to get you out to your LGS and hang out and share in our joy of playing pretend with one-another. I have a large affinity for playing pretend.
arcanepretzel 56 days ago
I've heard good things about the Goblin-oriented Free RPG Day adventures, and them branching out into Kobold territory is a nice one, now that Goblins are, er, 'mainstream'. Or, at least, in the main book as a playable race.
I, like many gamers, have moved their games online. I've been playing most weekends and it's been nice. I'm actually gaming more now than I was before. But as more and more gamers are headed virtual,
The world of gaming conventions is going digital. How does that impact Organized Play programs such as Paizo's? Well, in this update, they give you a look. They're still running events online and are
PaizoCon Online is happening this week. Every day, the company is featuring some more awesome previews and insight into their various product lines. This time around, they're taking a look at the far-
Starfinder also has their own Society and they, too, are getting their regular spate of monthly releases. In this article, we get a look at just what is coming up from Paizo. It's apparently the Year
Paizo's PaizoCon Online 2020 is coming soon. They've got about a billion things going on, including a ton of things on their Twitch Channel. One would need some sort of guide to keep track of it all.
PaizoCon Online is coming up soon. The company's posted up a page with a whole bunch of resources for you, including where you can sign up for events (and when those goes live), a link to a Discord se
If you're running a Starfinder game, or thinking about running one, you might want to check out this article as Paizo takes a look inside the 2nd of the Threefold Comspiracy Adventure Path. In this ar
So, it's the last day of April. If you're going to be posting your April Releases, now's your last chance. Well, Paizo has taken the opportunity. They're showing off everything now available for this
Stuck at home? Want to get in some RP gaming but can't? Well, if you've got an Amazon Alexa, you can get some Starfinder gaming in right now. And, as a bonus, Paizo's updated the Scoundrels in the Spi
In order to show off some more of the new character options that are in the Near Space book for Starfinder that's out, Paizo likes to put together a character that uses some of them. That way, instead