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Starcap Games

I remember my days back living in the dorms during college. Thankfully, my roomies and I got during my stay were pretty cool. I never had to worry about a party suddenly breaking out in my room. We were generally the quiet ones. However, I know others who didn't have it so good. They'd have a hell of a time when it came to studying. It's just such a dilemma that's the basis of Now Everyone Get the F%$# Out, a new card game that's up on Kickstarter.
I was lucky when I was in college. My roommates were generally amicable. Sure, there was a misunderstanding now and again, and sometimes they'd leave their alarm clock on when they were out of town, so it'd go off even if they weren't there, but for the most part, it was a generally pleasant situation. I did hear the horror stories, though, from friends whose roomies were the "party animal" type and when it was time to study, they'd have to go elsewhere. Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out relives those days of trying to study when everyone else just seems to want to get their groove on.