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Starcadia Quest

Two technology-based expansions are coming for Starcadia Quest tomorrow. Build-A-Robot gives you a bunch of plastic pals who are fun to be with. Meanwhile, in Showdown, the advent of the Hollow Deck h
The Starcadian Alliance was supposed to bring peace and order to the galaxy. And it worked! Hooray! However, not everyone wanted to join in on the celebration. Supreme Commander Thorne was like, "That
CMON has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new addition to the Arcadia Quest franchise. It's called Starcadia Quest, and as you'd expect, it takes players out into the cosmos. This new version of
CMON has announced Starcadia Quest. This new game takes the PvPvE that you love in Arcadia Quest and blasts it off into space. The next-generation of the game system, this new game isn't just a reskin
The campaign for Cthulhu: Death May Die might be over, but like CMON does with their projects, when one ends, another begins. In this case, it's Starcadia Quest. Yes, the Arcadia Quest brand you love