Starcadia Quest

CMON Launches Starcadia Quest Kickstarter

CMON has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new addition to the Arcadia Quest franchise. It's called Starcadia Quest, and as you'd expect, it takes players out into the cosmos. This new version of the PvPvE game includes streamlined setup and play, along with more random elements to make games different each time you play. The campaign is up and running now.

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CMON Announces Starcadia Quest Kickstarter

The campaign for Cthulhu: Death May Die might be over, but like CMON does with their projects, when one ends, another begins. In this case, it's Starcadia Quest. Yes, the Arcadia Quest brand you love so much is blasting off into space. It's new quests, new monsters, new guilds, new heroes, and the pvpve format in the dark recesses of space. The Kickstarter campaign will launch August 28th.

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