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Star Wars RPG

Ever since we all first saw Darth Maul light up the second half of his double-bladed lightsaber, we've all been enthralled with it. It has come to be known simply as a symbol for "badass." Well, in Gh
I know of several people eagerly awaiting the release of No Disintegrations from Fantasy Flight Games. They've always been huge Boba Fett fans and so are eagerly awaiting more options for the bounty h
*meditates* Inner peace... Inner peace... Inner peace... *grooves along to Static-X while meditating, because why not?*Even though the Jedi were wiped out once, there are those that still follow the L
As we've seen, considering what happened to Han Solo, it's best to not get on the bad side of a powerful Hutt... or the Empire... and especially don't get on the bad side of both. However, when a forc
While you may not think that you need their kind of scum, Bounty Hunters are a rather iconic part of the Star Wars universe. Though they had relatively little screen time, people just went nuts over t
Little trinkets. It seems as though a lot of people will go to a lot of trouble to acquire certain little trinkets. I mean, the odd, little statue called Tragic Hope can't be that important of an item
During the Galactic Civil War, the Rebellion couldn't afford to lose any of their resources. They were facing a huge military machine in the Empire and every base and shipyard was precious. Well, unfo
Pretty much every new Star Wars soucebook that comes out, there's a new playable species that you can use for characters or npcs (depending on which side of the GM screen you're on). The upcoming book
On a planet controlled by the Empire, many civil matters go by not taken care of. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, everyone involved just gets hauled in to jail. Or there's the crime-run worlds.
Fantasy Flight Games has a pair of new releases for you this week. One's a new dice game set in the Lord of the Rings universe. The other is a new Star Wars RPG supplement. ... Sort of at the two ends
Ah-ha! Got the drop on you with MY disintegrating pistol! And brother, when it disintegrates, it disintegrates!*pulls trigger* *watches gun disintegrate*Well, waddya know? It disintegrated.Seriously,
The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Beginner Game box helps you and your friends get into the Star Wars RPG system from Fantasy Flight Games. It's got everything you need, including a beginning adventure
Star Wars is based around conflict (it's not called "Star Peaceful Diplomatic Negotiations" after all). The Rebel Alliance is fighting a desperate battle to keep the forces of the Galactic Empire from
The operatives of the Rebel Alliance will go anywhere and do anything in order to keep a system free from the tyranny of the Galactic Empire. But you never know who you can really trust, because the E
The Force Awakens has created a place where new fans can hop on the Star Wars fan bus. And with gaming being more mainstream, that means more people interested in getting involved with the RPG opportu
Star Wars is all about conflict. It's sort of, y'know, right there in the name. It's not Star Peaceful Talks Next To A Fireplace, after all. Nearly countless soldiers fought for the Rebel side, lookin
The Empire's hold on individual star systems doesn't leave much room for people to live free and express themselves. If an Imperial does something against you, chances are good that you're not going t
It's been a long week.Well, ok, technically it's been as long as pretty much every other week. But it seems that it really slowed down starting Wednesday afternoon. I'm certainly ready for the weekend
The Star Wars universe is a rather violent place. I mean, it's Star Wars, not Star Gardening Club. As such, the characters you play in the RPG are probably going to be getting into battles on a regula
May the 4th be with you.Seems like a good time to have a couple Star Wars stories. We had the Imperial Assault one earlier. Now we've got one for the Star Wars RPG. Fantasy Flight Games is going to be
Techies. Gearheads. Mechanics. Modders. Tinkerers. You know the type. The ones who can't help but take apart any piece of machinery they get in order to see how it works and, of course, to improve on
For all that "can see through the Force" thing that the Jedi had going on, it didn't ever really serve them that great. As such, they got rather punked and were basically wiped out. However, that does
You've got to have strong individuals to be in charge and take the lead if you want your group to succeed. This certainly holds true for a group such as the Rebellion. They were outnumbered and outgun
I'm not a city-person. I wouldn't really say I'm a country-person, either, but I would much prefer taking a vacation in the woods rather than in, say, New York. In the Star Wars universe, if you were
One of my favorite characters I wish I'd had a chance to play back during the D20 days of the Star Wars RPG was a techie/gear-head character that loved to work on all sorts of gadgets. If it could be