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Star Wars RPG

While The Force is an integral part of the Star Wars universe, GMs can find it difficult to integrate it into the game. Well, the Unlimited Power book that's coming out soon has a whole section devote
The Star Wars galaxy is filled with hundreds of different alien species. Each one has their own proclivities and abilities that they got from having evolved on their planet. The Star Wars RPG does its
Lots of sci-fi series have space ships. Many have futuristic weaponry of some kind. Lots have aliens. But what sets the Star Wars universe apart from most is the Force. That mystical power that Jedi a
At the end of the first three movies (number-wise, not release-wise) in Star Wars, Emperor Palpatine has seized power and is ruling the galaxy with an iron fist. Very quickly, those that want the Repu
I mean, it's called Star Wars, not Star Sit and Talk It Out. While the Jedi do look to try and have peaceful resolutions to problems, they also are trained warriors, ready to clash lightsabers with an
I'm not entirely sure how you preview something that's been out for 30 years, but I guess it is getting a bit of a touch-up, and there's a huge chance that many of you weren't even alive when this boo
When Chancellor Palpatine turned into Emperor Palpatine and created the first Galactic Empire, there were many different groups that rose up against him. Sure, we know of The Rebellion, but they weren
Pre-made adventures are great for GMs with a time crunch. I'm currently using one for a game I'm running. They give the players a lot of action and adventure and the GM can still play around with it a
As with just about every new Star Wars RPG book, there's lots of new options for players to create more unique and defined characters, letting them play just exactly what they want to. In Cyphers and
Game sourcebooks for your RPGs are all about options. They give GMs new places that they can steer the game. There's new types of gear that the PCs can get. There's new monsters the PCs can fight. The
I wish I could be a sleeper agent. Just nap all day, snuggling up with your teddyrancor, under your X-Wing sheets. *gets handed a note* Oh... that's not what a sleeper agent does at all. Apparently th
With the decidedly underhanded way that the Emperor took control of the Galactic Senate and put himself in control, it was pretty much inevitable that there would be those opposed to his rule. Thus be
The Force is a very influential ... umm... force in the Universe.... Wait, I feel like we've been over this.Well, it seems as though The Force is on the docket for the next set of Star Wars releases f
Information is everything. Being informed of the situation at hand, especially in something as chaotic as a warzone can mean the difference between victory and defeat. And when an enemy is captured, g
When you're playing an RPG, you want the rules to be present, but not get in the way of the game. And with all the options that a player's character can have, it can be really easy to forget how somet
Emperor Palpatine seized control during a time of turmoil. He manipulated events so he could claim himself as undisputed leader. This left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths, as they were used to
In any fantasy RPG, someone's almost always going to pick the rogue to play. You know, they want to be sneaky, staying in the shadows, picking locks, stealing pants off of unwitting bar patrons, backs
Droids are just an everyday part of life in the Star Wars universe. They're everywhere, but it takes a large support staff to keep them going. Just like organic creatures need doctors, the droids need
A good friend of mine used to be a combat engineer. That is to say that he blew up bridges for a living for a while. In the Star Wars universe, the Rebellion especially needs members who are force-equ
I love to take things apart and put them back together (or, try to put them back together, anyway). There are just some people who love to tinker with gadgets and try and come up with something better
The Star Wars galaxy is filled with all manner of alien races. So why just stick with a couple of them for your games of the Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight? That's no fun at all. Thankfully, they'r
While blasters and lightsabers are certainly at the forefront of many people's minds when they think about what they want their Star Wars characters to specialize in, some players take a bit of a diff
One of the main things that separates science fiction from other forms of fiction is technology. Starships. High-tech gadgetry. Laser weapons. Stuff like that. Well, Star Wars is certainly science fic
When it comes to RPGs, I don't normally make face-beaters. You know, the big fighter/barbarian that does a bajillion damage with each swing. I'm more likely to play the Bard or something like that. Th
There's a lot of not-so-great people in the Star Wars universe, and someone has to bring them to justice. The various police forces can't always keep up, so it's up to the bounty hunters in order to g