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Star Wars: Legion

Part of me wanted to channel the Star Wars Holiday Special and have the opening to this story be nothing but grunts, hoots, roars, and howls, but I eventually decided against it. Instead, I'll just let you know that Fantasy Flight has announced a pair of wookie releases for Star Wars: Legion. One's the Wookie Warriors unit, and the other is the most-famous wookie there is, (oooooooooooh) Chewbacca! (What a wookie!)
While the Rebellion might've started out as just a rag-tag group of individuals fighting against the Empire, they've become a fighting force that, while they can't match the Imperial's numbers, they can certainly match their skill. The Rebel Commandos are elite troopers, trained in small-squad tactics and able to perform surgical strikes on enemy positions. Check out their rules for Star Wars: Legion.
Well, after a weekend that was exceedingly full of D&D (for me, at least), we're back at Monday.
Can't say I'm that thrilled about that, but waddyagonnado? So, while we start that long climb back to some days off, let's make sure your gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Priority Supplies Set Available From Fantasy Flight Games, Deep-Cut Studio Updates and Improves their Asteroid Game Mat, and New Infinity Terrain (and Tokens) from Micro Art Studio.

Few figures in the Star Wars universe are more feared than Emperor Palpatine. His rise to power was dramatic. He caused the Jedi to be almost completely wiped out. He may seem frail, but he's still quite an imposing figure in battle, and he has a keen strategic mind. So, with that all together, you can see why he'd make a great figure for your games of Star Wars: Legion. But, of course, he's not alone. His crimson Royal Guards are there, too. We get a look at both in these previews.
Han Solo started off as just a scoundrel pilot, taking Luke, Obi-Wan, and some droids to Alderaan. However, he came to be a major leader in the Rebellion... before going back to being just a scoundrel pilot. But that last bit's beside the point. The Han Solo Commander expansion for Star Wars: Legion depicts Han at his most... leader-ful. Check it out.
The Battle of Hoth scenes in Star Wars introduced a lot of new elements to the universe. In the opening salvos, we saw the Rebels defending their base using the 1.4 FD Laser Cannon (even as its shot did basically hit an AT-AT in the knee and seemingly do nothing at all). It then blows up. Then, a little later, when the Falcon is trying to take off, we see the Imperials setting up their E-Web blaster. Again, this gets blown away before it really has a chance to do anything. Well, hopefully their on-screen appearances are not indicative of what they'll do on your Star Wars: Legion battlefields.
The Galactic Empire looks to crush all in its grasp. Fighting against it is a rag-tag band of Rebels. But even rag-tag bands have their heroic leaders, even along with their nameless dozens fighting for the cause. In this release for Star Wars: Legion, the Rebels get both. In terms of heroic leaders, they get Leia Organa. In terms of nameless dozens, they have the Fleet Troopers. Both are available now.
Star Wars: Legion lets you bring the Star Wars universe right to your tabletop, including some of your favorite characters. One of the most-favorite characters that's yet to hit the table is Boba Fett. Well, that will change soon. Also, you've got your speeder bike set, but what about when those bikes get blown up or crash? Well, the on-foot Scout Trooper pack is also coming soon.
The Empire, with its great military machine, is prepared for any environment. They equip their troops with the best gear so that they can go in and root out whatever Rebels might be lurking about. In cold temperatures, the Snowtroopers hit the field in their padded, heated suits. Now, they can do the same for you on the Star Wars: Legion tabletops.
While Luke Skywalker might be the Rebellion's most famous battlefield hero, its greatest leader was no doubt Leia Organa. From bringing the Death Star plans to Obi-Wan, to coordinating the evacuation of Hoth, to helping with the strike team at the shield generator and beyond, Leia is a strong and capable commander, with a variety of skills at her disposal. And soon, she'll be making her way to your Star Wars: Legion tabletops. Check out a preview here.
The Empire is filled with all manner of worlds, each one with their own, unique environments and ecosystems. On planets like Hoth, the temperatures can reach extreme levels of cold, meaning anyone living, working, or fighting there needs to bundle up for warmth. The Ice Troopers are ready to head there and make sure the Empire's laws are being enforced, and making sure there's no Rebels around. In this Star Wars: Legion preview, we get a look at the upcoming Snowtrooper expansion pack.
So, you've got your Vader and you've got your AT-ST and you've got your Speeder Bikes and you've got your Stormtroopers... but how do you turn that into an actual army in Star Wars: Legion? That's what we get a look at today from Fantasy Flight. They've posted up an article about how army building works in the game. And down at the bottom of the page, they've also got links to the Learn to Play guide as well as the Rules Reference. So there's that, too.
Star Wars: Legion was arguably the biggest announcement at Gen Con 2017. Since August, everyone has been chomping at the bit to get their hands on the game. The wait's almost over, as sets will be hitting shops in less than a month. And Fantasy Flight wants to make sure that when you go pick up your minis, there's a whole celebration behind it. They've announced Launch Day Events to add even more excitement to March 22nd.
For the longest time, the speeder bike chase on Endor was my favorite part of Star Wars (later usurped by the Battle of Hoth, because I'd seen Jedi about a dozen times before I'd seen Empire). Soon, we'll be able to recreate that exciting battle on our tabletops with the 74-Z Speeder Bikes for Star Wars: Legion. Just watch out for trees.
While we never see the Rebels using the AT-RT in the classic trilogy of Star Wars films, it was a piece of equipment that they could've possibly picked up, as we see Clone Troopers using them in the prequel trilogy. Not as heavily armed or armored as the AT-ST, the vehicle still gave some added protection to its rider, as well as some powerful weapons that a regular soldier wouldn't've been able to carry on their own. They'll be making their way to Star Wars: Legion, and Fantasy Flight is giving you a preview.
It feels like an eternity ago when Star Wars: Legion was announced at Gen Con. You've spent many long months waiting, anticipating, reading previews, watching videos. Maybe you're even one of the lucky few who got a chance to try it way back in August. Well, the wait is getting shorter all the time, and if you want to get a hands-on experience with the game, you're only 3 weeks (and change) out from doing so if your LGS is one of the lucky ones who will get to start showing demos of the product on March 8th.
Commanders in an army are the ones who give orders to the lower-ranking soldiers. These orders are represented in Star Wars: Legion, by you moving the figures around the board, but also by the Command Cards. They determine who will have priority during a turn, being played at the start of each. There are some that are neutral, and can be used by either army. But some are specific to the Dark or Light sides. You get a look at several of these in this preview.
While the Empire had their huge, military machine. The Rebels could only count on those individuals willing to pick up arms and fight. Most of these troopers weren't career soldiers, but just wanted a better form of government for the galaxy. However, though they might not have been soldiers before, they trained just as hard as veteran troops in order to become a fighting force to be reckoned with. Get a preview of the Rebel Troopers Unit Expansion pack for Star Wars: Legion here.
So, we already know what the Dark Side forces are going to be like in the Star Wars: Legion starter. And, unless you want to just play Dark Side versus more Dark Side, you're gonna need some Light Side troopers in there, too. That's just what you get a look at here in this preview.
We all know gamers want to be the first ones with the new toys when they're released. Nobody likes to wait for their awesome figures. So pre-ordering is a good way to make sure you get yours first. Well, those that are pre-ordering Star Wars: Legion through Fantasy Flight's website will get an extra bonus.
Come to the Dark Side. We've got cookies!
All of us have heard the siren call of the Dark Side of the Force at some point or another. Whether we've actually crossed over or not, you have to admit that they've got some pretty cool armor and gear. And if you want to play the Dark Side in Star Wars: Legion, a good place to start is with the starter (makes sense). But what will you be getting in said starter? That's what we get a look at in this preview from Fantasy Flight.
Also, they announce that the game will officially be released on March 22nd. So be on the lookout for that.
Arguably the most influential member of the Rebel Alliance was Leia Organa. A diplomat, a military commander, a strike team member. She did it all. Soon, she'll be doing it all on your tabletops in Star Wars: Legion with the Leia Organa Commander expansion. And coming along with her, there's also the Fleet Troopers set, because she certainly couldn't do all that work just on her own. Fantasy Flight gives us a preview of both here today.
While, in the movies, Stormtroopers might just be the faceless cannon fodder that gets fed into the blaster fire of the rebels, they actually were an elite fighting force. Trained in various tactics and equipped well by the Empire, they were something to be feared on the battlefield. Fantasy Flight has posted up a preview of the Stormtrooper Unit Expansion pack for the upcoming Star Wars: Legion minis game. Check it out.
Along with the lightsabers and the star ships, the various vehicles of the Star Wars universe are just as iconic. The Battle of Hoth wouldn't be anywhere near as interesting if it weren't for the T-47s and their harpoons tripping the walkers. And the battle of Endor wouldn't be nearly as thrilling if there weren't the giant AT-STs maneuvering their way through the woods. Both of those are coming to Legion, and you can check out these previews to see how they'll be implemented.
Star Wars is truly an interstellar setting. In the movies, we see swamp planets, desert planets, forest planets, ice planets, and all other manner of locations. As such, the battlefields of Star Wars: Legion can take place in just about any sort of environment you can imagine. But how do the rules for those different locations work in the game? What role will terrain take in the game? That's just what you get a look at here.

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