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Star Wars: Destiny

With the recent release of the latest set for Star Wars: Destiny, it's time to look ahead to the next one. In this case, it's Across the Galaxy. With a whole host of new characters, equipment, and upgrades to add to your decks, this won't be a set to miss.
Tonight: I have a game of D&D.
Tomorrow: I have a game of D&D.
Tonight: I am bringing some snacks.
Tomorrow: I am bringing homemade dark chocolate caramel brownies (I made the caramel last night).
Today: I am noshing on some bite-sized gaming stories.

On the platter we have: WizKids To Release New Magic: The Gathering Token Minis, New Star Wars: Destiny Dice Cases Available From Fantasy Flight, Kraken Dice Posts New Releases, and The RPG Coloring Book Up On Kickstarter.

The next expansion for Star Wars: Destiny, Way of the Force, is now available. Hop into your pod racer, see some of your favorite characters, grab their equipment, and fight either for or against the Dark Side with a whole plethora of new options for your decks. The set covers pretty much every era of the Star Wars saga.
Way of the Force, the newest set coming for Star Wars: Destiny, brings in a lot of characters from The Last Jedi. But how will these new characters integrate with your current decks and strategies? Well, in this preview, you can see how many of them work, and so plan for how they'll make their way into your collections.
When a new release is announced, everyone wants to know, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure... but when can I get it?" For those that have been waiting for Way of the Force, the next Star Wars: Destiny set to drop, your wait is almost over. It'll be hitting North American retailers on July 5th, with the rest of the world to follow.
Star Wars: Rebels is a rather beloved cartoon that is getting more and more ported over into the various games that Fantasy Flight makes. In this case, several characters and elements are making their way to the Star Wars: Destiny card and dice game in the Way of the Force expansion. In this preview, we get a look at some of those cards and dice.
"Objection, your honor! The podrace was pretty cool."
Generally the only thing that most people can agree on that was cool in the Prequel trilogy for Star Wars, Podracing (that seems to have about a 50% mortality rate per race, which makes you wonder how there's ever enough racers to hold an event, but that's beside the point) is coming to Star Wars: Destiny. In this preview, we get a look at some podracers, their pods, and how they will work in the game.
I love draft events. Sure, there's something to creating a deck ahead of time and making sure it's as tightly-wound as you can. But there's also something to flying by the seat of your pants, making your deck from a limited set of cards and having to use only your wits and skill to make it through. Star Wars: Destiny has new draft packs that you can use to have some cool events with.
The newest packs for Star Wars: Destiny, called the Legacies expansion, is now available. These new cards and dice span the realm of Star Wars lore, from the Republic to the Rebellion and beyond. You can pick up your starter sets and booster packs now.
And, to keep everything together, Fantasy Flight's also got three new binders to store your stuff.
So, how about that Episode VIII, eh?
... I've not seen it, actually. But a lot of my friends have (which means they can shut up about "OMG!! Don't spoil anything for me!!!")
Well, I don't think that there's anything that's spoiled in the Star Wars: Destiny Legacies expansion for the movie, but previewer beware. Fantasy Flight is giving you a chance to check out the new set before it's released as a pair of mini-waves, one of which is out today.
Some of you might've heard that there's a new Star Wars movie coming out soon. There's also a new set for the Star Wars: Destiny game coming out soon. But the main release for that is still a bit off. What will be coming sooner, though, is the Rivals Draft Pack. If you're in one of the few areas that'll be getting pre-release versions of this, you can get your game going sooner. For those of us that aren't in those areas, we can still check out this preview.
The red cards in Star Wars: Destiny represent those characters, abilities, and equipment that's all about warfare. They're the professional soldiers, vehicles, and weapons that are on the lines when it comes to blasters blazing. The Legacies expansion will bring players new red card options for their decks, from new characters to new things to equip them with. Fantasy Flight's posted up a preview of some of the cards and their companion dice for you to check out.
The Star Wars galaxy is filled with all manner of characters on the fringes. They don't necessarily follow any particular ideology. They're just looking out for themselves. They're a resourceful lot, making-do in a galaxy that's struggling with war. In the Legacy expansion for Star Wars: Destiny, these characters and their kind are colored yellow. But don't think that means they're not up for a fight. Get a look at what you'll be able to add to your decks with this preview.
The Force is something that sets the Star Wars universe apart from other sci-fi settings. Those that are strong in the Force can perform many great feats. They're some of the most iconic characters in the series. In Star Wars: Destiny, those characters, their gear, and abilities are represented by blue coloring. In this preview, get a look at some of the blue cards coming in the Legacies expansion.
Well, you gotta start somewhere. Might as well start at the beginning. This is where we got the job, so this is the beginning. That job? Well, either bounty hunting or saving the galaxy from a tyrannical regime. Take your pick, depending on which of the new Star Wars: Destiny starter sets you want to pick up. They have one that features famed hunter Boba Fett, while the other focuses on everyone's favorite moister farmboy, Luke Skywalker. Take a look at what you'll be getting in this preview.
I haven't played a collectable game in quite some time. Mostly I've just not had the time to keep up with them. But back when I did, my favorite format to play in was draft. It's seat-of-your-pants gaming. You go in not knowing what your deck was going to consist of and leave it to the draft to build your deck for you. Well, that style of format is coming to Star Wars: Destiny with the Rivals Draft Packs, just announced by Fantasy Flight Games.
Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new set for Star Wars: Destiny, their card and dice game of sci-fi combat. This set adds in new mechanics such as a new die symbol and card type. There's also going to be two new starter sets for the game, focusing on Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett, two of the most iconic characters from a series that's full of iconic characters.
The color yellow, at least in certain cultures, has often been associated with being cowardly. "What are ya, yellah?" is something you've possibly heard in some old western movie. But the yellow cards in Star Wars: Destiny are hardly a bunch of cowards. Empire at War proves that with a bunch of new cards coming out in that color, of which they have posted a preview here.
Happy Force Friday and stuff! (slightly paraphrased from a saying we have here in the office on Fridays)
With all of the new Star Wars toys and such that are coming out, we've got an announcement from Fantasy Flight Games about a new product they're releasing. In this case, it's the new 2-Player Starter Set for Star Wars: Destiny. And you don't have to wait to get it. You can go pick up one now.
When talking about the Star Wars universe, a thing that really sets it apart from some other sci-fi universes is the Force. It's the magical, mystical ... umm... force... caused by bacteria or something... (man, the Prequels really kicked the lore right in the junk, didn't it?). Anyway, Force-users tend to get a lot of the spotlight, and that holds true for the various games based on the setting. Star Wars: Destiny is no different. Check out the new champions coming in the Empire at War expansion.
You know, there's a big difference when previewing items. By that, I mean, if some company were to show you 1/10 of a new figure they were working on, you'd get, like, a kneecap or something. If someone were previewing their new rules set, but only showed you 1/10 of it, you might get a page or two. In this preview for Empire at War, the upcoming Star Wars: Destiny expansion, Fantasy Flight is showing off 14 cards. That's less than 1/10 of the 160 cards coming in the set, but it certainly feels like a huge preview. In this case, it's various red cards.
Grand Admiral Thrawn.
Yeah, I just got a little giddy there, too. I might just have to build me a Star Wars: Destiny deck that has him as one of the characters. I'll be able to do so once Star Wars: Destiny's newly-announced set, Empire at War, hits store shelves. That's going to be sometime in the 3rd quarter of this year.
Spirit of Rebellion, the first expansion for Star Wars: Destiny, is now available at your local gaming shops. Bring new characters to your games and load them up with new weapons and abilities. Will you fight for the Light or the Dark side?
Power has a tendency to corrupt those with it. If you are a Force-user and you succumb to corruption, you're on a train headed right to the Dark Side. But hey, shooting lightning out of your hands is pretty cool, if you ask me. I'd do it, if I could. Anyway, Spirit of Rebellion for Star Wars: Destiny will expand the options for Dark Side players to add some Force-users and Force powers to their decks.
The Light Side of the Force has plenty of powerful allies. The Jedi looked to keep peace and order across the galaxy. The Emperor almost wiped them out, but he missed a couple. You can't keep a good Jedi down too long, apparently. And you'll be able to bulk up your Star Wars: Destiny decks with some new blue heroes and abilities when Spirit of Rebellion comes out.