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Star Wars: Destiny

A new batch of releases are available over at Fantasy Flight. If you're a card-shuffler extraordinaire, you'll want to check it out. They've got the new Thor Hero Pack for Marvel Champions. There's the new Star Wars: Destiny set. And you can also pick up a new Arkham Horror Card Game and Legend of the Five Rings card game sets as well.

The Star Wars: Destiny game line is coming to an end. It's been around since 2016, with the card/dice system that set it apart from other games. It's had quite a run, but Fantasy Flight is bringing it to a close.

While the Rebellion and the Empire fight it out in the galaxy, there are many individuals who are just there to stay out of the way and make a credit or two if they can. They're the pirates and smugglers who take the conflict as opportunity to do what they want while nobody else is hopefully looking. In Covert Missions, the upcoming set for Star Wars: Destiny, there's some new pirates and scavenger cards coming, along with their support cards. Let's take a look.

The Force is a strong ally. It turns regular people into superhuman fighting machines. That's handy when you've got a war on. And in the Star Wars universe, there's always a war going on. In Covert Missions for Star Wars: Destiny, new blue characters and their accompanying support cards will be added to the card pool. Get a look at what that will include in this preview.

A new Star Wars: Destiny set is coming out soon. It's called Covert Missions. In it, vehicles will play a heavy role, as will those behind the wheel/stick, the pilots. In this preview, we get a look at just what those pilots are capable of and some of their signature ships that go with them.

As the latest expansion for Star Wars: Destiny starts to fill out your decks, Fantasy Flight has announced a new one on the horizon. It's called Covert Missions and it adds game-changing missions to the game. With cards like Construct the Death Star, players can have an alternate way to win the game.

Keep hope alive! Keep hope alive! That's what you can do with the new Spark of Hope set for Star Wars: Destiny. Of course, if you prefer, you can try and squish out that last bit of hope and rule the galaxy with an iron fist. You know, as some are wont to do. Either way, there's plenty of new cards and dice you can use to update your decks now.

Jedi and their Apprentices. They're the fulcrum around which much of the Star Wars saga rotates. The upcoming Spark of Hope set for Star Wars: Destiny brings more of those characters to your decks. So, you can pick up Yoda and add him. Or maybe pick up some Younglings (as opposed to Yuenglings). It's up to you.

While the Force-users often take center stage in the Star Wars saga, there are plenty of other notable leaders and troopers that the conflicts revolve around. In this preview of the upcoming Spark of Hope expansion for Star Wars: Destiny, we get a look at some of the cards and dice for a few of the leaders and troopers coming to the game.

Each Star Wars: Destiny set covers quite a few different time periods in the overall Star Wars saga. And while the feature image for this Spark of Hope preview might be showing the most recent in the timeline, the cards and dice we have head back to the Prequel era.

It's New Release Day for Fantasy Flight, and they've got a new expansion available for Star Wars: Destiny as well as a couple vehicle expansion packs available for Star Wars: Legion. There's also some packs for their LCGs, if you're into that kind of thing as well.

A new set of cards for Star Wars: Destiny has been announced. It's called Spark of Hope, and while I'm sure people will be excited about many of the new cards and dice that will be coming, all I can see is that there's Grand Admiral Thrawn. And, like so many, I'm a huge Thrawn fanboy. So that's really what I'm singly focused and excited about.

A pair of new starter decks area available for Star Wars: Destiny. They head back to the Prequel era of the Star Wars Saga, as players can either pick up the mantle of General Kenobi or General Grievious. Me? I'd go for the coughing robot, but that's just my take on the situation.

I swear, Fantasy Flight went full ham on Star Wars: Legion announcements yesterday. Arguaby the biggest of these is the announcement that they're going to a new era in the Star Wars saga with the coming Clone Wars sets. They're getting a starter set, and they've posted up a couple previews of expansion packs as well. Along with that, Fantasy Flight has announced an Upgrade Card deck so you can further customize your forces. Finally, they have some new releases which include Death Troopers and Director Krennic, as well as the latest Star Wars: Destiny release.

Many of you know well about Set Rotation in games. Old sets move out of the tourney scene, making room for new ones. Star Wars: Destiny is about to go through rotation, and it'll be a first for many gamers. Fantasy Flight takes a look at what is headed out, and what might be poised to take over in the upcoming meta.

In war, you're going to have soldiers and those that lead them. That's just sort of how that thing works. And the Star Wars saga is filled with wars (it's right there in the title. You were expecting My Dinner With Andre?). In the upcoming Star Wars: Destiny set, Convergence, players will have new soldiers and commanders they can modify their decks with. Let's take a look at some of them.

The Force is a major player in the events in the Star Wars universe. In the upcoming Convergence set for Star Wars: Destiny, there's quite a lot of cards that revolve around it, be they heroic Jedi or evil Sith. We get a look at some of those characters, powers, upgrades, and other such in this preview.

Many games have mechanics where you can put upgrades on stuff in your forces. Attachments or somesuch that makes your piece better. In the upcoming set for Star Wars: Destiny, Fantasy Flight is headed in the other direction. It will include Downgrades that you can play on your opponent's cards in order to hamper them. In this preview, we get a look at some of them that'll be coming in the set.

With card games, one of the ways you can play is by simply opening up some packs and building with whatever you might find inside. This drafting format makes players think differently about their decks, basically having to work with what they're given in a short amount of time. Fantasy Flight is creating a new draft pack for their Star Wars: Destiny game, and they're showing off what you can find inside.

A new set for Star Wars: Destiny will be coming out soon. It's called Convergence and it, like all sets, brings a whole new host of characters, abilities, and equipment to the game. It's got cards and dice that span the whole gammut of the Star Wars universe, from Mace Windu to Captain Phasma. Have yourself a look.

A new chapters opens up in the Star Wars: Destiny game from Fantasy Flight. Across the Galaxy is now available down at your LGS and online. With a whole host of new cards and dice to add to your collection, decks will be redesigned over and over as you look for that perfect combination to crush your opponents and either bring freedom to or forever enslave the galaxy.

The Across the Galaxy expansion for Star Wars: Destiny is soon to be hitting shelves. Players are getting their decks ready to be updated. But what new cards will they be putting in? In this preview, we get a look at some of the vehicles and mods cards and dice that will be in the set. Which will make their way into your deck?

Darth Vader. The whole Star Wars saga revolves around him, from his origins, through his rise and fall, to the fallout left by him and his progeny. He's a major player, and so, as you would expect, he's a major part of Star Wars games, including Star Wars: Destiny. In this preview, we get a look at various Darth Vader cards and accessories.

Solo is the latest film in the Star Wars universe. It gives us a lot of history on the series' favorite characters like Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. Soon, they'll be making their way to your tabletops in Star Wars: Destiny's expansion, Across the Galaxy. In this preview, we get a look at the characters from the movie and how they'll be implemented in the game.