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Star Wars: Armada

Star Wars: Armada lets you command entire fleets of giants starships and the swarms of fighters they carry. It's been a bit since we've seen much for the game, but that doesn't mean that the folks at
No matter how much testing a company does for their game, once everything gets out into the wild of the player's hands, things might start to crop up that weren't an issue before. Something doesn't wo
19 new releases. There are 19 new releases spread out among the different Fantasy Flight Star Wars minis games that you can now purchase. That's quite a lot. There's things like the new Luke and Vader
The Imperial Navy is known for its Star Destroyers. But while each one has some similarities, there's also quite a lot of differences. Much like how each TIE variant is used to specialize in a differe
Here's another starships game that hasn't been getting a lot of news lately but is coming back now. We've got a new Star Wars: Armada announcement from Fantasy Flight Games. This time around, it's the
The new Campaign Expansion for Star Wars: Armada is now available from Fantasy Flight Games. The Empire and the Rebellion's massive fleets clash all over the galaxy, including the outer rim. The Rebel
Rebellion in the Rim is the upcoming campaign expansion for Star Wars: Armada. It will take players to, of course, the Outer Rim, where the Rebellion and Empire are going to battle for supremacy in th
The next Campaign Expansion for Star Wars: Armada is making its way closer to its release date. It's Rebellion in the Rim, and it will take players all across the Outer Rim of the galaxy (as one would
Been a while since we've heard about Star Wars: Aramada. Last news was also the delay in the Executor release, too. Well, this one's a bit more upbeat. Fantasy Flight has announced a new pair of ships
Though it's taking longer to assemble than originally expected, that just means that there's more time to post up previews of the upcoming Super Star Destroyer set for Star Wars: Armada. In this artic
Along with the mass of Star Wars: Legion announcements from this morning, that's not the only Star Wars game getting something new soon. While many of you were disappointed with the news that the Supe
Making big things takes a long time.  The Brooklyn Bridge or Sears Tower weren't built in a day. So, when you're creating the biggest starship ever to come out for Star Wars: Armada, it's going t
It's been a while since we've gotten a Star Wars: Armada preview. And it looks like Fantasy Flight was saving up, as this is a pretty big one. Literally, it's the biggest ship they've made for the gam
You know me. I love big miniatures. The bigger, the better. Well, The Executor is the biggest ship in the Imperial fleet. And soon, it'll be the biggest ship on your tabletops. Yes, the mighty Super-S