Star Trek RPG

Modiphius Taking Pre-Orders For New Borg Cube Set for Star Trek RPG

Resistance is futile... if you're a Star Trek fan and been wanting to get into the Star Trek Adventures RPG from Modiphius, as they've started taking pre-orders for a new Borg Cube set that's got... well, just about everything you could want that's part of their RPG system. This new collection includes such things as the core rulebook, GM screen, accessories, and all 9 PDF releases from the last 2 years.

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Star Trek: The Operations Division Manual Now Available In Print

While having digital versions of books is nice (you can carry them everywhere in your smart device, they are generally rather search-able, etc), I'm still old-school  and prefer to have an actual book in my hand whenever possible. So, for that, I'm happy to see that The Divsions Manual for the Star Trek RPG is now available in print. This book contains tons of new content for players looking to be engineers or security departments.

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