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Star Trek Attack Wing

I don't know why I love it so that Star Trek Attack Wing is getting a set based on the animated series. I just get giddy when I think of it. Anyway, we're getting a new pair of previews for it, specif
It's been quite a while since we've seen anything from WizKids about Star Trek Attack Wing. Many people probably thought it gone. Well, apparently not so. WizKids has announced a new set, and they're
Funko Pop! Baby Yoda
One of the new product lines for Star Trek: Attack Wing that WizKids is working on are the faction packs. For players looking to focus on a particular race or faction in the game, these sets give you
The 2-player starter is one of the best ways to get into a new game, if you ask me. With one purchase, you've got two starter forces so you and a friend can get playing as soon as possible. Well, in j
With all the individual releases out there, it can be hard for a new player for Star Trek: Attack Wing to figure out where to begin in terms of getting a faction. Or, perhaps a long-time player wants
The rules for Star Trek Attack Wing are getting some retrofits. The rules are getting a going-over and various things are changing about the game. But what, exactly, are those changes? Inquiring capta
For Star Trek Attack Wing, the cards are where it's at. I know, the ships are flashy and actually do the moving around on the board, but it's the cards that tell you what you get to do when that ship
WizKids is happy to announce that they've re-signed their licensing deal with CBS for Star Trek. Considering how big a property Star Trek is, that's newsworthy in and of itself. But they've also poste
"The best defense is a good offense."-Mel, the cook on AliceThat's certainly what the Xindi feel, and the Muratas ship for Star Trek Attack Wing plays right into it. If you're looking for a ship that
Star Trek Attack Wing has been around for a couple years now. Some of the earlier ships have become hard to find. As such, WizKids' latest waves have been made up of repaints and reissues of previous
Why don't we continue our far-East theme with a look at an upcoming release for Star Trek Attack Wing? Seems like a good idea. WizKids is going back through some of their older ships and giving them r
The Federation doesn't have friends everywhere. In particular, the Xindi feel that they need to defend against Federation encroachment. To do this, they use the Calindra Aquatic Cruiser. It's going to
Wave 28 of Star Trek Attack Wing is coming next month. This wave takes a look at some iconic ships that had previously been released with some new paint jobs on them. Since some of these ships are har
The Star Trek Attack Wing game has been around for a while now. Some of the original ships can be hard to come by. That's the case with the Defiant, that has always been a rather popular, little ship.
Wave 27 of Star Trek Attack Wing will be coming out this November. We've seen a couple repainted versions of previous ships that will be coming out. But here's a new vessel that you can use to boldly
As we saw earlier in the Kick Off preview, when new versions of old models come out, companies can take that opportunity to change some things up on them. The I.K.S. Gr'oth was originally released waa
The 27th wave of Star Trek Attack Wing will be making its way to store shelves and then gaming tables next month. This set sees WizKids swooping back around to take a second look at some ships that ha
The U.S.S. Enterprise has this nasty habit of being blown up or otherwise destroyed. However, the Federation keeps on building new ones. They weren't ever entirely identical to one-another, though the
There are many iconic ships in the Star Trek universe. While most of us know of the Enterprise (or, at least, one variant or so of the Enterprise, depending on how many different series/movies you've
Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Or, at least, the Borg are going to do their best to try and assimilate you. Your job is to defeat them. That's not going to be easy, though. This new Cu
The ship being previewed today for Star Trek Attack Wing comes from way back in the original series. Set your phasers to stun and get the theremin warmed up. This time around it's a preview of the I.R
Those guys over at WizKids sure are able to get those ships out. The 23rd wave of Star Trek Attack Wing ships is now available. There's three of them in this set. And much like the X-Wing ships, there
Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!Well, your opponent might be heard yelling, "Damn the torpedoes!" after checking out the new I.K.S. Amar, and particularly the crew and other upgrades that come wi
Wave 23 is the next set of ships coming out for the Star Trek Attack Wing game from WizKids. It's due to hit next month, so now's a good time to start checking out what ships (and all the various extr
Star Trek is well-known for its wide array of alien races (and a particular captain's love for them). Most of those races also have their own space tech. There's dozens of different types of spaceship