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Star Trek Adventures

If you're a GM for Star Trek Adventures, you'll want to head over to the Modiphius website and get your name down on the list to get their upcoming Gamemaster's Guide. It's got advice for running your
"More options." It's what every player wants for their character in an RPG. And with the Player's Guide for Star Trek Adventures, they get just that. This new book has tons of new options, new setting
The Tricorder is an iconic piece of tech from the original Star Trek series. And now, you can get your very own. But instead of filled with various electronics, it's fill with everything you need to p
The folks over at Modiphius are looking to bring just about every aspect of Star Trek to your gaming tables in Star Trek Adventures. Now, that even includes the Year Five comic series from IDW. Modiph
A new campaign guide is coming soon to print for Star Trek Adventures. The Shackleton Expanse takes players into the Beta quadrant with new planets to visit, new foes to fight, new wrongs to right, ne
If you're wanting to play the Star Trek Adventures RPG from Modiphius but aren't really all that interested in playing the Federation, but instead want to become part of the warrior Klingons, you're i
While I have nothing against e-books and pdfs, I definitely prefer having the actual print version of something in my hand. There's just something about having a real book in your hand that can't be b
Modiphius has expanded their Star Trek Adventures RPG with a new supplement. It's the Command Division book, and it, as you would expect, expands on the Command Division in Starfleet. The commanders o
Long-time readers know I'm a fan of when a company puts up rules online for free so you can check them out. Modiphius has done just that with the combat rules for Star Trek Adventures. You can downloa
Saturday. How wonderful a day. I hope you're taking advantage of it. I ran a bunch of errands this morning. Now I'm working on painting, of all things. I can't tell you the last time I painted minis.
The Star Trek series' main elements are the original series and The Next Generation. Sure, there's been dozens of spin-offs and expansions from those, but those two ship crews are the ones we mostly t
The week continues along. We're halfway to the end. Just gotta put our heads down and power through. Not that the week's been terrible, mind you. Just busy. Lots of things on my metaphorical plate bef
We're making our way through the work week. The weekend is coming soon. A little more and we'll make it there. And with the weekend (hopefully) comes gaming. I know my LGS is going to be packed, with
Star Trek wouldn't be nearly so interesting if they didn't... y'know... trek anywhere. It's not called Star Stay At Space Dock, after all. Only by boldly going will your crew complete its however-many
The galaxy is vast. It's filled with all sorts of alien species in different stages of development. There's various anomalies like electrical storms or gravity wells or giant energy ribbons. Heck, the
Some people want it all and they want it now. Well, if you're looking to get into the Star Trek Adventures RPG from Modiphius, you might not be able to get it now, but you can get it all. And you will
One of the bigger announcements from this Year of New Editions was that we're getting a new Star Trek RPG from Modiphius Entertainment. Since back before Gen Con, people have been able to sign up for
It's almost strange to think that we're just about 12 hours away from Gen Con starting. I know the hall doors don't actually open at 6am, though I have a feeling there'll still be plenty of activity a
We've got another bit of Star Trek news for you today. Modiphius, makers of such games as Mutant Chronicles and the Conan and Infinity RPG games has announced that they're going to be making Star Trek