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Star Fleet Battles

Mongoose Publishing bulks up your fleet options with new ships for Star Fleet and Noble Armada.

From the release:

We have a variety of new ships now available for Noble Armada, with reinforcements for the Noble Houses, and the technologically advanced Church fleet.

No single institution has as much impact on day-to-day life in the Known Worlds than does the Church. Despite the Church’s many factions and sects, the average peasant sees it as a giant monolith, dedicated to saving humanity from the evil inherent in the universe. As far as commoners can tell, all priests, bishops, archbishops and patriarchs work toward the same goal, hand-in-hand, fighting evil together. Never mind the fact that they call one another heretics; the Church itself is good. The peasants’ view only changes when someone tries to replace the sect of their ancestors with a new one.

We have also just released the Decados Michaelangelo Light Cruiser, and House Li Halan now has access to the Ananda Martyr Fighter, capable of wrecking even large warships in a collision!

For A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, we have just unveiled the Gorn fleet, with all new ship designs.

Mongoose Publishing is sending out reinforcements for their Kzinti and Romulan fleets.
"Bones,.. this man.. has a... broken arm!"
"Damnit, Jim! I'm a doctor, not a... wait... oh... crap. My bad."

From the announcement:

A new fleet comes to A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, and Romulans get some much needed reinforcements!

Two box sets start shipping this week - the Kzinti Squadron and the Romulan Reinforcements set. The Kzinti Squadron contains everything you need to start fielding these cat-like aliens in A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, including a War Destroyer, Medium Cruiser, Light Cruiser, Heavy Battlecruiser, and a mighty Dreadnought!

The Romulan Reinforcements set includes a Firehawk, Sparrowhawk, King Eagle, a KF5R Destroyer, and a rather tasty KC9R Dreadnought.

Pre-ordered Kzinti blisters will also start shipping this week, and they will be followed after Gen Con by the Kzinti Fleet set.

Next to appear... Gorn!

Mongoose Publishing now has their Federation Command Cruiser available for general sale to the public.

From the release:

With the advent of a new promotional ship next week (no hints until then!), the Lexington-class Command Cruiser of the Federation (the CC upgrade to the Constitution-class Heavy Cruiser) is now on general sale.

Mongoose Publishing released a couple more box sets of ships for Star Fleet. All hailing frequencies open, captain.

From the update:

Two new box sets are now in stores, giving you new ships for A Call to Arms: Star Fleet.

Squadron Box #5: Klingon vs. Orion
As well as the latest Klingon warships, including the D5, D5W and E4, this set also includes an Orion pirate raiding party of two Light Raiders and a Salvage Cruiser.

Squadron Box #9: Federation Reinforcements
This set contains the latest warships for the Federation, including the War Destroyer, New Light Cruiser, Dreadnought, New Heavy Cruiser, and Battlecruiser.

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Mongoose Publishing is having a big Star Fleet tourney over at their place and you're invited.

On July 28th, Mongoose Publishing is throwing open its doors to hold an official tournament for A Call to Arms: Star Fleet. Star Fleet's Finest will pit players against one another in a series of games to decide who is the greatest admiral in the known galaxy!

We have a great range of scenarios planned and some awesome prizes (in the last tournament, we gave away over £225 worth of prizes!). Every participant will also receive a free, never-before-released ship.

This is a great opportunity to meet and play with like-minded gamers, and everyone always has a great time at these events. The Mongoose store will be open with a few new goodies, and prizes will be given for the finest admirals at the event! We will also have some brand new ships and fleets available for players, a good few months before they go on general release, so if you are after the latest technologies for your fleets, this is the place to be!

Star Fleet's Finest will be held at Mongoose HQ in Swindon, UK on July 28th.

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Mongoose Publishing is happy to say that A Call To Arms: Star Fleet is getting to UK stores this week. Be on the look out!

From the announcement:

The first wave of A Call to Arms: Star Fleet releases hits stores in the UK this week, including;

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Rulebook
Federation Fleet Box Set
Federation Squadron Box Set
Klingon Fleet Box Set
Klingon Squadron Box Set

The Romulans are fast on their tails and both the fleet and first squadron set will be appearing over the next 2-3 weeks.

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Amarillo Design Bureau have released the Omega Master Rulebook 2011. From their announcement:
Young Warrior. You think you know Star Fleet Battles, with all of its tactical twists and turns. But you do not. To truly understand the game, you must understand all of the game, including the ships, empires, history, weapons,and tactics of the wild and unpredictable Omega Octant. Only then can you truly know Star Fleet Battles. And to truly know the Omega Octant, you need this Master rulebook, which includes:
  • Every rule, chart, scenario, and ship description from all five Omega Modules.
  • plus an extensive Omega tactics section.
  • plus an updated Sequence of Play listing, including the entire Alpha Octant, the Simulators, and the Magellanic Cloud.
  • plus completely updated Annexes and new Master Ship, PF, and Fighter Charts.
  • plus all ship descriptions, rules, weapons, and scenarios for the Omega Octant that were
  • published in Captain's Log.
  • plus the "lost" history section originally written for Module Omega Four.
  • plus each carrier as needed has an updated Escorts and Fighters Table.
This product is an updated rulebook for the five Omega Octant Modules of Star Fleet Battles. You must have SFB Basic Set and the SSD books and counters from the Omega modules to use this material. Some material will also require Advanced Missions and other modules. Retail price $45.00
Amarillo Design Bureau have posted an image of the 3D sculpt for a Klingon D7 from Mongoose Publishing.

Klingon D7
Amarillo Design Bureau have posted a list of releases that they should have available at Origins 2011. These products will ship July 5th, 2011 with mail orders being sent on July 12th, 2011. F&E ISC War The long-missing major empire comes to Federation & Empire as the Inter-Stellar Concordium arrives to keep the peace. Over a thousand counters, a massive scenario, complete Order of Battle, new rules. Stock #3210, $47.95 FC: Transports Attacked Tugs and fleet transports are here with supplies for the Federation Commander on the go. Sixteen Ship Cards and ten new scenarios, but you don't need any new rules. Stock #4109, $29.95 Starmada: Distant Armada The fourth book in our Starmada series brings in four new factions: the Hydran Kingdom, WYN Cluster, Lyran Empire, and the Lyran Democratic Republic. Five new weapons, several new optional combat maneuvers, and dozens of new ships. Stock #6104, $16.95 Starship Aldo A 16-page adventure for Prime Directive with weapons and characters for PD20M and GURPS plus deck plans of the Aldo. Well, ok, you're not sure what ship it is. Is it the Geraldo Rivera, the Waldorf Astoria, or the Aguinaldo? Suit up and go find out. Stock #8997, $3.00 Discuss
Mongoose Publishing and Amarillo Design Bureau will be working to create a new A Call to Arms based ruleset set in the Star Fleet Battles universe created by Amarillo Design Bureau. This will not have any impact on the Starmada based series produced in co-operation with MJ12. From their announcement:
Just hours before this issue went to press, we signed a new joint-venture deal with Mongoose, which is one of the largest companies in the Adventure Game industry. They’re famous for numerous product lines, including miniatures and roleplaying games. This deal includes three immediate elements, but the future is as open as space and as exciting as a supernova. Something we have mentioned many times is that retailers only stock the top five or 10 companies (with the proverbial “one shelf” reserved for the other 40 hard-copy publishers, most of which are in less than 10% of stores). Mongoose is in 90% of the retail game stores in the US, Canada, the UK, and many other countries. This contract means that there will now be several first-class products in every retailer with logos on them for the Star Fleet Universe and for ADB, Inc. Each joint venture book will include advertising for all of our Star Fleet Universe products, giving us more exposure to the mass gaming market than we have had since 1982. This is their well-known space combat game, designed for massive battles with dozens of miniature starships. The new joint-venture deal provides for the production of a series of beautiful hardback rulebooks that will bring together the ships of the Star Fleet Universe and the game system of A Call to Arms. This worked very well for the Starmada product line, and should work even better for the much more widely sold A Call to Arms series.
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Amarillo Design Bureau today announced plans to replace their existing Starline 2400 range of miniatures with a new range , Starline 2500, which will be sculpted in 3D.

3D sculpted Federation Cruiser

From their website:
Our new joint venture deal with Mongoose includes a provision that they are going to replace (over a period of a couple of years) every existing Starline 2400 ship with a new computer-generated design. (We call this Starline 2500, but they plan to market it under another brand yet to be selected.) The first ships will appear in late 2011, and ships will then follow every month or two. This will include some entirely new ships. It may also, from time to time, including special limited-production (minor variant) ships available only for a short time, or as part of special offers.

This is truly exciting news. New production ships will be fancier, and those in the vocal and vociferous minority who constantly complained that our ships were “not good enough for the modern market” will get his wish. Everyone who has an extensive collection can keep it, or perhaps slowly replace it with new designs. (The existing 2400 line could be used for Early Years if you want, or the new 2500 designs could be used for X-ships.)

These ships will be done in resin using 1-3125 scale.
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Amarillo Design Bureau will be releasing issue 43 of their Captain's Log magazine on June 13th, 2011. From their announcement:
This issue includes exciting fiction (A Measure of Fear, the unknown story of the destruction of the Alfred the Great by the Romulans), new ships (six for Star Fleet Battles, four for Federation Commander, a dozen for Federation & Empire, four for Starmada), new scenarios (five for SFB, three for FC), News (awards, Q&A, Input Guide, Why?, writing better fiction, researching the knowledge base, Proposals Board, Background Questions, how to write scenarios), Tactics (photon torpedoes and Command Notes for FC, Tactical Notes for F&E, Term Papers and Tournament Victory for SFB), Rules updates (Metamorph monster, Ask Growler for SFB, Operation Unity with ships from Module C3A; Q&A and rulings for F&E), Playtest rules (Auxiliary combatants in F&E, penal ships and ground bases in FC, five new cards for Star Fleet Battle Force), and lots more. SKU 5743, $19.95
Captain's Log 9Amarillo Design Bureau have released a PDF version of Captain's Log #9. From their website:
This 80-page 1991 edition moved the product further toward the current format. This issue is the only one that ever had a "theme" causing a hundred people to ask, every time we do another issue, what the new issues theme is. The fiction story GHOSTLIGHT (about a Federation fighter squadron) came along with an SFB scenario and a "behind the scenes" write-up, in game terms, of what was going on. The idea was to show writers how to make game counters, rules, and hexes into exciting stories. This issue also included the first-ever "class history" article (about Federation carriers).
Amarillo Design Bureau have posted a PDF version of Captain's Log #8 on the e23 website. From their website:
This 1990 issue introduced the new Doomsday Edition of SFB. The issue grew to 80 pages. Included were two fiction stories:
  • "Escape From the Holdfast" described a Klingon effort to slip into Tholian space and steal an entire ship (along with the secret of web technology).
  • "The Battle of Olsen's Reach" told the tale of the moment when the Federation tried to surrender and a mistake by a young ensign caused the General War to drag on for another decade.
Included are:
  • nine new SFB scenarios
  • the Federation FFB and DW
  • Q&A
  • an introduction to Doomsday
  • an example of tractor auctions
  • Why
  • Just Say No
  • Battleforce 2000
  • Board of Proposals
  • Ask Kommodore Ketrick (It was Steven Petrick's debut)
  • Tactics Board
  • Victory at Origins
  • Ask Uncle Ardak
Amarillo Design Bureau have announced two new products for May 2011. These products will ship on May 16th, 2011 From their announcement:
Star Fleet Battles: Module C3A The Andromedan Threat File When the Andromedans began to rampage through our galaxy, and even when they tried to conquer it, nobody was really sure just what the Andromedans had or how they worked or what they wanted. You could (in peacetime, anyway) buy Klingon or Romulan books and have a basic working knowledge of their culture, ships, and technology, but the Andromedans remained a mystery until they were wiped out. So, the fleet intelligence services did what you would expect: they guessed. Most of the time, they guessed wrong. Worse, they assumed that the Andromedans would develop their ships just as the galactic powers did. This book compiles all of these guesses. Stock #5635, $19.95
Captain's Log #3Amarillo Design Bureau have uploaded a PDF version of Captain's Log #3. From their website:
This classic 1984 issue includes the fiction story The First Round. In this story, famed Orion Pirate captain Deth O'Kay is kidnapped by the Masters and forced to fight starship duels in an arena. Also included are: Four modified SSDs for the ships of the Masters 29 scenarios The first draft of the D15 ground combat rules And a full-page portrait of a Gorn captain. A typesetter error in the original production left out two sections of text which were published later, and these are included here.