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Star Fleet Battles

Mongoose Publishing bulks up your fleet options with new ships for Star Fleet and Noble Armada.From the release:We have a variety of new ships now available for Noble Armada, with reinforcements for t
Mongoose Publishing is sending out reinforcements for their Kzinti and Romulan fleets."Bones,.. this man.. has a... broken arm!""Damnit, Jim! I'm a doctor, not a... wait... oh... crap. My bad."From th
Mongoose Publishing now has their Federation Command Cruiser available for general sale to the public.From the release:With the advent of a new promotional ship next week (no hints until then!), the L
Mongoose Publishing released a couple more box sets of ships for Star Fleet. All hailing frequencies open, captain.From the update:Two new box sets are now in stores, giving you new ships for A Call t
Mongoose Publishing is having a big Star Fleet tourney over at their place and you're invited.On July 28th, Mongoose Publishing is throwing open its doors to hold an official tournament for A Call to
Mongoose Publishing is happy to say that A Call To Arms: Star Fleet is getting to UK stores this week. Be on the look out!From the announcement:The first wave of A Call to Arms: Star Fleet releases hi
Amarillo Design Bureau have released the Omega Master Rulebook 2011. From their announcement: Young Warrior. You think you know Star Fleet Battles, with all of its tactical twists and turns. But you
Amarillo Design Bureau have posted an image of the 3D sculpt for a Klingon D7 from Mongoose Publishing.
Amarillo Design Bureau have posted a list of releases that they should have available at Origins 2011. These products will ship July 5th, 2011 with mail orders being sent on July 12th, 2011. F&E ISC
Mongoose Publishing and Amarillo Design Bureau will be working to create a new A Call to Arms based ruleset set in the Star Fleet Battles universe created by Amarillo Design Bureau. This will not have
Amarillo Design Bureau today announced plans to replace their existing Starline 2400 range of miniatures with a new range , Starline 2500, which will be sculpted in 3D.From their website:Our new joint
Amarillo Design Bureau will be releasing issue 43 of their Captain's Log magazine on June 13th, 2011. From their announcement: This issue includes exciting fiction (A Measure of Fear, the unknown sto
Amarillo Design Bureau have released a PDF version of Captain's Log #9. From their website: This 80-page 1991 edition moved the product further toward the current format. This issue is the only one t
Amarillo Design Bureau have posted a PDF version of Captain's Log #8 on the e23 website. From their website: This 1990 issue introduced the new Doomsday Edition of SFB. The issue grew to 80 pages. In
Amarillo Design Bureau have posted their May 2011 Hailing Frequencies newsletter as well as the PDF based Communique issue 65.
Amarillo Design Bureau have announced two new products for May 2011. These products will ship on May 16th, 2011 From their announcement: Star Fleet Battles: Module C3A The Andromedan Threat File When
Amarillo Design Bureau have uploaded a PDF version of Captain's Log #3. From their website: This classic 1984 issue includes the fiction story The First Round. In this story, famed Orion Pirate capta