Spy Tricks

Spy Tricks Now Available From WizKids

Information is power. Knowing something about the enemy's plans or weaknesses can turn a battle in an instant, even a long-term battle like world politics. In Spy Tricks, players are spies trying to get information out of a secret document. Each spy is trying to find out what's in there, without letting the others know what they know, or let them get their hands on it. The game is available now from WizKids.

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WizKids Announces Spy Tricks Card Game

Seems WizKids is in that cycle where they announce a bunch of new games they're working on. One such is Spy Tricks. It's a new trick-taking game where you play as spies (ooooh, now I get the name). Players will be trying to play the highest and lowest cards during a trick, with those players being able to make a guess as to what the secret document is. Get it right and get a point. The player with the most points at the end is the winner.

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