Spider-Man Miniatures Game

Knight Models Posts Marvel Minis Games FAQ

Supposedly starter sets are out there among the people for the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game. Also, the Spider Man rules have been out and about (they're a lot like the Batman Miniatures Game). Well, as people look at them, they're going to have questions. Well, Knight Models is here to help with a FAQ for both games.

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Knight Models Announces Spider-Man Miniatures Game

Greetings all you wall-crawlers out there.
In the world of comic books, I've always been more a reader of Marvel than of DC. Not that I had anything against DC comics, but when I started reading comics, I was an early teen in the mid-90s. So, of course, I read Wolverine (though soon spread out from there, mostly to X-Factor. Strong Guy for the win!). I just never really got into DC books. As such, that sort of bias has spread through the rest of things associated with the comics. I'm more interested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe than I am with DC's. I'm also more interested in Marvel games. Well, Knight Models has an announcement that I, and people like me, will appreciate. They're coming out with a Spider-Man Miniatures Game.

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