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Spellcrow has a green up of their upcoming Dwarf King. He'd probably get along well with that Brewmaster from a couple updates ago.From the preview:How looks the Dwarf King? How looks the dwarves cham
Spellcrow has a preview of a new Zombie model up. Here it is.From them to you:Day after day, their legions are growing...
Spellcrow has their new Demon of the Woods available on their website.From the release:28 mm scale model with a base 25x25 mm
Spellcrow gives us a look at their now-available Dwarf Druid.From them to you:Yesterday we showed you the Menhir, today we show You the Dwarf Driud. Both models from today available at our store! :-D
Spellcrow has another preview over on Facebook, the Menhir. It's what your druids want!From the preview:If You have Driuds in party, today we have something very helpful. Menhir is a special counter b
Spellcrow put up a picture of their latest fantasy-esque fig over on Facebook: Halfling with Knife.From them to you:From today You can buy our new model - Halfling with a knife. Very funny and very da
Spellcrow has a WIP of another Orc up on their Facebook page.From the preview:We decided to sculpt not five but six Orcs. One of them is greater and he knows ancient knowledge - Magic. You can see the
Spellcrow posts up a new preview of their new warrior dwarf.From their preview:We have the new dwarf almost ready! He need weapon but You can see how it looks. Hope You like it :-D
Spellcrow has a new model preview up on their Facebook page, the Wild Aarg. You know, this is one time, especially, the name of a model and the look of the model match pretty much perfectly.From the u
Spellcrow has a picture of their new Underground Nugluk up on their Facebook page. I wouldn't mind one as a pet. I'd call him "Bitey."From the preview:Today we will add a new model for spellcrow store
SpellCrow posts a preview of their new Dwarf Druid model.From their preview:Unfortunately, the model of Shadow we will show You on Friday. Today we have for You some very unconventional model. Sculpti
Spellcrow presents their new Hobgoblin Mage. From their announcement:We present you a new model for Evil party - Hobgoblin Mage. Of course, hobgobiln is for Anarchists, also :-) From today You can buy