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Spell Smashers

Language is a battlefield. I'm out here slaying words all day. It's not easy. Occasionally, I just run out of good words and have to use whatever I've got laying around. That's kinda what you're doing in Spell Smashers. Players must use their letter cards to create words and defeat monsters, gaining more letters to use. However, if you take wounds, those manifest as uncommon letter combinations. It's a bit Scrabble. It's a bit dungeon crawl. It's also coming in November.

I know a lot of words. Like... lots... Lots and lots... a whole lot.
For those like me who know a lot of words, you'll have a leg up in Renegade Game Studios' newest game, Spell Smashers. Players collect cards and use them to spell out words, doing damage to the various monsters and collecting their loot. The one with the most gold at the end is the winner.