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Spaceballoon Games

Let's see if the system decides to eat this one or not. Anyway, it's Saturday, and that means I'm happy. I've been doing various domestic things this morning in order to be ready for when a friend comes over for some gaming (Guild Ball and Ascension are the most-likely games to be played). The other thing I need to get done this morning is type up this post. Yes, I'm typing this up early and scheduling it to post later. The Magic of the Internet, everyone! Anyway, let's get to it.

Today we have: Stone Age, Wits and Wagers: Vegas, Space Editor, Kingsport Festival, Deadline, Herbaceous, and Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft, Tiny Park, Suburbia: 5 Star Expansion, Windup War, Ethnos, Quartz, Medici, Frogriders, Mini Rails, and Drakkar.

No matter how long a Kickstarter campaign might run, it might just happen at a time where you can't join in on it. Or, perhaps, you just missed its announcement altogether. And then there are people who don't like to back Kickstarter campaigns until they're successful. Whatever the reason, you might not be part of a campaign that you want. Thankfully, the late-pledge period allows you to join in. Spaceballoon Games is giving you just such an opportunity for Brides & Bribes.
In Genoa, during the Renaissance, it's not good enough to just be a powerful family. You have to be the most powerful family. But with each house looking to become the greatest, it's a struggle to get to and stay on top. If you want to become the new Doge (such power, wow), you'll have to hire the right workers, collect money you're owed, and convince the local Lord that your family is the best choice for his daughter to marry into. That's the story behind Brides & Bribes, a new worker placement board game that's up on Kickstarter.

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